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7 hours ago


Relaxing before bed is so important for the quality of your sleep... So today, I want to share with you my top 6 poses to do before bed, try them out tonight and let me know how you feel in the morning! I'm sure you are going to feel so relaxed and energized.

Now... While Yoga Before Bed can be super helpful to improve your sleep, it's only one piece of the puzzle... So many Women in our community have been getting the best sleep of their lives by adding in Renew before bed!

Renew is a 100% natural, vitamin supplement that is designed to improve your “deep sleep” which means, your body is better able to burn more fat during sleep, while also helping to increase your energy and overall well-being! Tap here 👉 to get yours RIGHT NOW! Introductory Price still available! 😉

Let's get started with today's flow 💜 Be sure to take at least 5 deep breaths per pose and do both sides.

✨ Alternate Nostril Breathing - Gently alternate holding one nostril closed while exhaling, then inhaling, and then switch to block the nostril, repeat 5-10 times. This is a balancing, relaxing breath, that has been proven to combat the sympathetic response (fight or flight) that is often the catalyst for our stress and anxiety.

✨ Big Toe Pose - Breath deeply into this posture gripping firmly your big toes, this will release tension in your entire body. This pose stimulates the liver and kidneys in the back body.

✨ Easy Pose - Breath deeply and feel the stretch on your hips, ankles, knees, thighs... this posture reduces stress and anxiety. It calms the mind and is known to be therapeutic for stress, and will prepare you for a deep and relaxing nigh's sleep.

✨ Extended Puppy Pose - After hours sitting behind a desk, this pose with be a heaven-sent! This can help relieve tension and deliver fresh blood to the hearth.

✨ Supine Twist - Supine Twist promote sleep by relaxing the baroreflex, a reflex known to maintain nearly constant blood pressure.

✨ Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose - This completely passive pose allows you to focus on conscious relaxation as you prepare your mind for deep sleep. It has the added benefit of draining stale blood from your legs and refreshing your circulatory system.

✨ RENEW!!! Get yours right here! 👉

See you on the other side! Namaste 🙏
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Comment on Facebook Relaxing before bed ...

Thank you!!! ❤️🙏

Sheena Patel

I’ll be trying all these tonight 💕💕

Eleanor Morrison ❤️

Just exactly what I needed!

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17 hours ago


Impact your Health & Metabolism....

Can you guess what the one thing is that we do every day which can impact our health, metabolism and appearance more than anything else?

Until recently, I would have never known that research shows if we get this one thing wrong, it doesn’t seem to matter how little we eat...

OR how many hours we exercise...

Because a slower metabolism, premature aging and a compromised immune system can likely be expected.

Tap it here 👉 to discover what it is and to also see a super simple way to help get this one thing right in less than 2 minutes each day.
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Comment on Facebook 1157477097967086

I placed my order on Sunday for renew looking forward to seeing how they improve my energy levels🙏

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1 day ago


A mindful piece of advice indeed..."Bury your mind deep in your heart, and watch the body move by itself.”

Are you in need of a RESET?

I've got you covered with this amazing FREE offer that includes 4 WEEKS of amazing Restorative YOGA!

Here's a look at everything that you are going to receive:

-Over 6 hours of totally unique and relaxing follow-along Restorative Yoga videos to help calm, de-stress and reset your mind, body and spirit.

-A fully comprehensive Beginner Flow dedicated to help keep you flexible, safe, healthy and injury free by concentrating on mastering the fundamentals of Yoga. (This is a Yoga Burn Family favorite!)

-3 Guided Meditations - Each of these unique mediation classes is designed to be soothing and centering while specifically helping you focus on the body, mind or soul.

-20 in-depth Yoga Pose Tutorials to help you master all of the most essential and vital poses that are the building blocks of a strong Yoga foundation.

-The Ultra Unique and Rejuvenating "Yoga Nidra" Total Relaxation Class

And much more!

You are going to LOVE the way you look and feel after this one month Yoga program!! Tap it here 👉 to claim your FREE copy (cover the cost of s/h only).
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Comment on Facebook 1157196081328521

Love this! I am printing it to remind me every day 😃 Thank you Zoe 🤗

1 day ago


It is natural to experience fluctuations in our mood, and a little bit of anxiety and “low mood” is generally okay! Sometimes however anxiety and depression can creep in deeper than we would like and stay longer than we are comfortable with. So what do we do when anxiety and depression become more prevalent in our life or even become chronic? Well, yoga is a fantastic option to add to your routine!!! Our bodies have an innate desire to heal, and yoga helps us tap into our deepest resources to help us find peace of mind, stress reduction and overall relaxation. 🙏

Over the years there is a growing body of research that supports yoga as a natural way to help relieve anxiety and depression. Yoga provides a natural way to help modulate the stress response which is involved in our anxiety and depression, and gives us an outlet where we can learn to control our breath, and our physical and mental responses to anxiety/depression.

If you suffer from anxiety and depression consider adding the following Yoga Poses to your yoga practice:

Ujayii b... Now, if you're serious about getting the best benefits of Yoga, and want to begin your Journey with me, I've got good news!

Today you can do so for FREE! tap here 👉
to get 4 weeks of FREE follow-along restorative Yoga videos! You just need to press PLAY and follow me. You'll ABSOLUTELY LOVE these Restorative sessions, and they're truly life changing!! 💙💛

Now, let's get started on this short little flow! You'll do each pose for about 1 minute and remember to do Tree Pose on both sides.

✨ Ujayii Breath is a slow and controlled way of breathing that slows down the breath, and down regulates our stress response. You can perform the Ujayii breath throughout your entire yoga practice. It will help you slow down and take your time. When practicing Ujjayi, breath in and out through the nose while slightly contracting your throat. If you sound like Darth Vader then you’re doing it correctly 🙂

✨ Tree pPose helps us root down and learn to stand strong which is so important when anxiety and depression are peaking and thoughts are running like wild through our brains. Focus on softly integrating the standing foot into the mat, while growing the spine long and reaching the top of the head upwards. Be expressive with your arms and SMILE!

✨ Plank pPose helps us tune into our inherent strength, which we can loose track of when anxiety and depression reign. By performing this challenging pose we learn how strong we really are and how much we are truly capable of! Keep the feet and legs zipped together and pull up through the core.

✨ Fish Pose is a gentle heart opener that stretches the neck and chest and relieves tension in the neck and shoulders. By opening our heart in our yoga practice we can learn to be vulnerable in a safe way. The pose can be done supported on a bolster or pillow if you’d like a more restorative version.

✨ Meditation is a key component to managing anxiety and depression. It can feel difficult and challenging at first, but think of the brain as a muscle, it responds like any other muscle and the more we exercise and train it the better it responds! Start by adding 2 minutes after your yoga practice and as you get more comfortable add 2 more minutes at a time, aiming for 10minutes (or more!).

Don't forget to secure your FREE YB KickStart Kit right here! 👉
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Comment on Facebook It is natural to ...

Cia Palmer here’s Zoeys page. Enjoy!

Simply awesome

Carly Mullen

Pauline ❤️

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