Winter Kale And Quinoa Salad

blankHope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Well now that November is just about over, it’s finally time to start decorating for the holidays and planning all the fun festive parties!  This was the first year I actually put our tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving because I was just that excited, so December literally can’t come fast enough.  I just LOVE the holidays, especially because of all the delicious food, but who says everything has to be unhealthy and full of sugar?!  I wanted to share a recipe that would brighten up anyone’s holiday table while still being festive AND healthy!  I think this winter kale and quinoa salad makes the perfect healthy holiday side dish that is sweet, crunchy and super easy to make!

It’s also the perfect salad to bring to any holiday party!

This salad couldn’t be any easier to make either.  Simply cook your quinoa and whisk together your dressing, throw everything together in a large bowl and you’re done!  The juicy pomegranate seeds are perfect with the crunchy walnuts and the sweet honey mustard vinaigrette just brings it ALL together.  I appreciate to type a bulky batch of this as immense sorts of masses, nonetheless if you wanted to style this since yourself since the week , I may possibly instruct forcing the dressing correct prior to ingesting this so that the salad stays bright and crisp .  I until the end of time hold my dressing in a mason jar plus a screw pinnacle lid which makes it super easy to shake sooner than through!  Then when you’re prepared to eat , competently drizzle sundry on zenith – thus painless!

While serving this to a gigantic collection of men, I all the time adore to shove the dressing almost about a half hour or 20 minutes previous serving , spot it the fridge furthermore allow the whole lot the flavors marinate .  Then I summit it in addition to further pomegranate seeds , cranberries plus walnuts certainly to class it look appealing.  Hey we constantly eat with our eyes , correct?!

Here’s a pleasurable tip: to type this salad however additional festive , attempt gaining super easy candied walnuts by mixing the walnuts a saucepan along furthermore almost about a twosome tablespoons of brown sugar over medium-high hot temperature.  As the sugar melts , amalgamation the bananas nonetheless securing certain to coat one another flippantly (about 5 minutes total) at that time spread the extreme on a baking sheet to quiet.  Then you may well cleanly jostle each other with the salad !

Wish everyone more matured a delicious Thanksgiving weekend !  We’re headed to Asheville, NC this Thursday and just about 6 varying couples to like a long-lasting slow weekend inside a endearing marital the Blue Ridge Mountains to ecstasy off the starting up of the retreat season.  We go through wineries and breweries designed out , a spark off to visit the stunning Biltmore Estate also, of route, a entertaining dreadful sweater bash as December means it’s authoritatively Christmas!

Cheers to the holidays plus wish you all benefit from this salad because a great deal of for we completed!

This appears certainly delicious ! Thus clean plus flavorful along with those colors are without difficulty dazzling!

This appears because incredible for the reason that it tastes ! You outdid yourself also this one! Thank you !

This meal gives the look soo delicious ! I will absolutely seek this salad out .
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This seems remarkable yummy ! I’m beyond doubt running to engagement providing this a go! x

This salad is certainly delicious… even my baby girl from it . I’ve envisioned it twofold the final week… easy to utter it may perhaps engagement my preferred salad this season. Thanks so a lot of as sharing.

This is the salad I’ve been inhibition since to get your hands on me back on route subsequent to Thanksgiving dinner, thank you !!

Can’t pass the time to brand this ! Do you assume tattered parmeseN would troth a acceptable converge?

Fully! 🙂

Can’t linger to make this ! Do you admit the quinoa still sooner than mixing and the kale ? 🙂

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