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My story about how I ended up with Diet Doctor?

… One day before my husband’s 41st birthday we took a photo of our bellies – just a note, none of us is pregnant. So yeah, very frustrating to have big bellies like that so we decided we both should go on a diet.

Anyway, the after day was my husband’s bicentennial with I required him whatsoever he sought after me to fry as him with he sent me the link to your recipe set which he started randomly on google . As well as consequently I set out to to study added also extra on your site in addition to was sold by your concept instantly somewhere else! We skillful our initially LCHF meal with reveled it ! Watched a great deal of your documentaries with became giant fans of you .

Thence this day is daytime 12 of our brand new diet/lifestyle with our bellies look a bit reduced hitherto, as well as we’re both incredibly confident that this is the factual manners because us . I’ve even modified the cuisine of our 1.5-year older baby girl – as well as by surprise she eats just about the whole thing I furnish her !

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