The Best Ways To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail – Is all the time and money you spend chasing that resolution really worth it?


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Healthy new years resolutions diary
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Depressive woman eating and waching tv
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Girl eating fresh salad
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Colorful loopable silhouettes of people, 4 versions with different colors.
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Man making proposal with wedding ring.
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Spinning scale with smiles faces – losing weight
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Abstarct 60’s Style (loop) HD 1080
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Checking activity monitoring on health app on the smartphone
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Successfully searching for partner on dating app on the smartphone
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People doing exercises in the sports gym with big glass windows
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Young woman with bruises on her face, smoking outside
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Female aerobics trainer showing how to do step ups on fitness platfrom
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Green smoothie blended in blender, close up. Healthy eating concept.
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woman with set icons healthy life style
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Stacks of gold coins grow up animation with alpha channel
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Man feeling bad at the gym
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Rainbow sparkles with green screen background
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Crowd of people symbols
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Clock icon flat design motion on green background.Icon time concept.
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Black technology video animation with bronze octagon
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Close up of a young woman preparing food
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Asian mother and child shopping for groceries.
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Hippies: old fashioned group of friends
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A beautiful young woman eating salad
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Pie Chart Icons – Vector Animate
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Resolutions over Blackboard
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Disappointed couple receiving a wrong item in their order
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Human Brain with Circulatory System Anatomy
magicmine/Getty Images
Stronger than ever
FluxFactory/Getty Images
Beagle sleeps on the couch lying on his back
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Calendar – pages
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New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthy.
LifestyleVisuals/Getty Images
Three multi-ethnic people exercising outdoors
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New Years Resolutions, goals plans in life, business, relation, and preparing for new year
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Red Black Questions mark swing with focus blur Loop Background Animation.
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Stop smoking cigarettes concept. Portrait of beautiful smiling girl holding broken cigarette in hands, Slow motion
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Circle Markers Animated, Green Screen
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Symmetric abstract psychedelic loop background
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fat dog couch potato eating a popcorn, chocolate, fast food and watching television, holding the remote control paw. Parody of a lazy person
Ирина Мещерякова/Getty Images
People using the mobile phone
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Aerial shot of people at a concert
Orbon Alija/Getty Images