Vegan PB Cookie Dough Milkshakes

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There’s a vegan restaurant that we love in Chicago called The Chicago Diner. Jack and I make it a point to stop there nearly every time we’re in town. The nutrition is surely okay, on the other hand the fixation to catch there are the milkshakes – the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie money milkshake to be accurate. And yes , it’s because decadent as it sounds . A few weeks ago , we devoured lunch there along with I tried to not demands only. Then Jack’s shake returned to the table and I said, “I’ll certainly labor under solitary trivial sip… ok , anyhow per chance easily one and only more…” and prior I versed stolen nearly his consummate shake , I was resolute I should re-create one another for the reason that the blog .

As a replacement of earning regular cookie dough to mishmash into my milkshake , I plotted out a new version of these No-Bake Almond Oatmeal Cookie balls to intention as a replacement. Thus this recipe has 2 parts:

1. No-bake Peanut Butter Oat Cookie Bites, which are a delicious healthy snack on their own .

2. The milkshakes , which are manufactured by blending a few of the cookie balls also almond milk with ice cream .

Even if my original cookie dough ball technique was a delicious solitary, I’ve bettered it here – these fresh cookie balls not main meet up with a lighter ingredient listing but they’re naturally sweetened and blind dates in addition to they adapt no added motor oil. They’re yet a large amount of quicker to brand.

To support me re-create this formula procedure, I hand-me-down my spanking new kitchenette helper , Google House. I wanted to stock the identical overall ratio of dry-to-liquid components, thus it was beneficial (when my hands were messy in addition to peanut butter dough) to encourage out queries such as “hey Google, how variant tablespoons are 1/3 cup ,” or “hey Google, what’s 1 cup , as well as 1/2 cup , plus 2 tablespoons , minus 1/4 cup .”

Google Marital is as well highly very good since background multiple pantry timers and driving objects to your grocery store go on a spree register. Bliss tip – you can in addition invite out “play cooking music ,” or “play baking beats ,” which are miscelanneous bliss playlists to pay attention to to in the pantry. 🙂

As a result here you tolerate it – my “healthy-ish” also still appealing darn decadent version of the Chicago Diner milkshake . If you want to style these a petite less indulgent , you would purpose a cold banana in region of the ice cream and brand smoothies .

Pop the further cookie ball bites the fridge or freezer because soon.

This business is partnership with Google Marital. Thank you for the reason that abetting the sponsors that stock us gastronomic!

I affection The Chicago Diner! It was on my to-do register the initially point in time I visited Chicago along with at this time it is a MUST inside our list. 🙂 Gotta try this milkshake ! It looks delish .

I live as regards to two blocks derive pleasure The Chicago Diner and it’s unsafe. Deliciously dangerous! This technique appears huge albeit, consequently I’m surging to withstand to undertake on days as soon as I don’t wish to pluck my butt down the side road 🙂

Wow these gander amaaaazinggg . Stoked to undertake! How lengthy do you think the cookie dough balls will last? I maaaay troth absorbed to double the batch to pass through different inside the freezer to munch on . 🙂

Hi Aidan – they freeze at any rate! I have a stash my freezer excessively :). When you’re set to thaw – withdraw one another out at stable temp because a few minutes , or pop each other the microwave because on the subject of 5 seconds .

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This looks as a result really yummy ! Care the systems you planned it two unlike instructions. *eyeing cookie currency balls* Saving to seek!

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This milkshake appears enormously delicious ! Care that the cookie currency is naturally sweetened 🙂

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