Vanilla Pecan Milk Chai Lattes

So, by now you all know that I don’t drink regular milk. I do enjoy cheese occasionally, and I love greek yogurt, but regular milk… no matter if it’s just a little, it’s just not my thing (although, my entire family loves it and I’m totally fine with that – to each their own!).

Suffice it to say that I’ve been drinking, baking with, and altogether enjoying non-dairy milk for years, but I had yet to discover how lovely and delicious homemade PECAN milk is until now. This post is in partnership with Chaste Leaf Tea Domestic Brewed Teas since their Chai Tea + homemade pecan milk = perfection . The spices in the tea – cardamom , cinnamon , ginger , as well as highly spiced black pepper – work consequently anyways also my creamy homemade pecan milk . The milk is deliciously enraptured take pleasure in the pecans as well as sweetened without due consideration also maple syrup in addition to vanilla . I’m essentially trying to draw close slipped this every year, inside case you can’t notify 🙂

I comprehend, homemade freak milks seem fussy, excluding this pecan milk eliminates merely a few minutes of genuine labor – I vow. I dripping my pecans for an hour or thence, blended them plus hose, a touch of maple syrup , vanilla furthermore a iota of cinnamon…

… strained it , along with that’s it ! Soak, amalgamation, in addition to difficulty! Grocery store it the fridge until you’re geared up to variety chai lattes . To style the lattes , hot temperature wakeful the pecan milk as well as steep it and Chaste Leaf Home Brewed Chai Tea.

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4.0 from 3 reviewsPrintIngredients1 cup raw pecans , dripping for the reason that at least 1 hour3 dishware filtered water1 tablespoons maple syrup1 teaspoon unadulterated vanilla extract¼ teaspoon cinnamonpinch of ocean salt1 Untainted Leaf Domestic Brewed Chai Tea pyramid tea bag8 oz . pecan milk (from above)ground cinnamon , elective, because dustingInstructionsMake the pecan milk: Drain in addition to rinse the pecans plus contribute each other to a blender with clean filtered hose down, maple syrup , vanilla , cinnamon , salt . Mix until suave.Place a addict milk bag (or cheesecloth or use a alright mesh strainer) inside a huge bowl along with pour the liquid loves the blender into the bag . Twirl with extract the bag to pressure for a large amount of liquid ready given that you may. Flow the strained pecan milk into a 33 ounce bottle along with frost awaiting equipped to function.Make the lattes: Because each serving , place one and only pyramid tea bag a mug . Flow 8 ounces of boiling pecan milk far more than the tea bag in addition to grant steep as 3 to 4 minutes . Slot in bag and cast off. Dust in addition to cinnamon , if desirable.
This business was came upon inside partnership with Pure Leaf.



Because moments as my youngster gets out of hand , or I believe strain mounting inside my body , I pour a cup of tea in addition to receive a deep breath .

My favourite use of pecan mylk this autumn was inside a straightforward apple mylkshake . In the blender I whizzed 1/2 cup homemade applesauce/puree , 1/4 cup get-together (5 Bam dates) , 1 cup of pecan mylk with a pinch of salt .

Because addict mylk shouldn’t be heated overly costly, I’m deliberating it may perhaps be top to make a pecan creamer , by the use of two dishes of hose down as an alternative of three , afterward steeping tough chai tea as well as hot irrigate inside a tea pot , gently heating the mylk , as well as combining the two .

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