Top 10 Favorite Healthy Soup Recipes

blankHere are 10 of my FAVORITE healthy soup recipes to keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

With all this frigid cold weather we’ve been having, there is nothing I want more than a simmering pot of hot soup on the stove or a crock pot that has been cooking all day long.  Soups and stews are always my go-to in the winter because they’re just so comforting, but they are are also great for weekly meal prep too because they make a TON of leftovers and always taste so much better then next day!  All these recipes are super easy to throw together and are GREAT for freezing too!

This freezer-friendly crock pot soup is definitely a favorite in our family and among all my friends!  You can never go wrong when using your slow cooker and I love that you can just dump everything into your pot, turn it on and come back to a delicious, flavorful meal.  It doesn’t get much easier than this!

This soup is the ultimate hearty soup that has SO much flavor with just a few simple ingredients!  This can be made on the stove or in a slow cooker and is filled with so many delicious veggies that make you feel good about what you’re eating!

This copy-cat version of Olive Garden’s minestrone soup is a MUST for your family!  Tons of veggies, so much delicious flavor and tastes even better the next day!  This is a great freezer recipe too!

This hearty, healthy lentil and sweet potato stew is literally one of my FAVORITES and can easily be made in just 30 minutes!

You guys THIS soup is a must.  Not major is it the exact assistance for the reason that the awful freezing and flu season, save for it is full with plenty of supplements plus antioxidants that outburst immunity also is certain to carry you warm the whole thing frost lengthy!  It also tastes nice looking darn acceptable excessively!

I mean realizes it find a good deal of more adept than fowl tortilla soup on a cold sunlight hours??  Well as you give a contribution flavors like chipotle it does!  This soup is rapid, painless and might engagement made in a crock pot or on the stove .

Very well I know this isn’t a soup recipe, nonetheless it’s simply As a result hearty plus delicious that I tried and true to allotment it this round-up !  This butternut chew up as well as farro chili is an easy-to-make crowdpleaser that combines the entirety your favorite flavors into lone healthy dish !

This slow kiln pullet as well as green chile soup is super straightforward to style, filled plus Tons of tang as well as bestows more leftovers to lukewarm you wide awake all week !

Wow this procedure move Systems back inside the archives , however is unquestionably another number one – as a result trouble-free, in addition in reality delicious !

I’ve freely not at all saw a soup in addition to THIS a lot of flavor it – I suggest and spices resembling cinnamon , turmeric , cumin also ginger , you in actuality can’t set out unsuitable!

I intimacy attaining soup in addition to these clatter delicious ! I must bestow these instructions a seek!

Rachael xx .

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