This is What Noreen says about Skinny Fiber

 Noreen says:
“GETTING HEALTHY IS A JOURNEY, NOT A DESTINATION. Sometimes we need a lifestyle change in order to accomplish our goals…
Let me tell you a little story…in that first picture I choose to wear black because they say it conceals the weight Yes I was so embarrassed of my weight I wish I could disappear but it was my cousin’s wedding and I had to attend! That was my first ever visit to Canada and there was a lot of sight seeing to do but the weight was so much for my poor swollen feet that when we went out I was always looking for somewhere to sit. I could only wear flip flops because shoes hurt my feet. My feet burned like I rubbed hot peppers under it, they hurt so bad that I bought foam and made an extra sole for my house shoes just so I could walk around the house. My body ached and although I didn’t have any other health issues I knew I had to lose the weight because I was in too much pain. (Now every time I see someone with extra weight I sympathize because I know from experience it can’t be comfortable!) After that vacation I vowed to get to a healthy weight. I started walking even though it was painful and trained for a marathon which I walked 6 months later (in Hawaii). I knew from that point on I wanted to help people live their “Best Life” and went back to school to study Nutrition and Therapeutic Massage. I retired from my banking job and started on my new path~~Helping People Change Their Lives (LOL, my former Boss affectionately nicknamed me “Doc” because I could come up with a natural alternative to most discomforts or illnesses and had our whole Department calling me that I am happy to say I discovered Skinny Fiber and have not regretted one day since… at my age I am not on any ‘meds’ and I live a happy, stress free life.”



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