This is Sylvia & her Story Taking Skinny Fiber by Skinny body Care


HOW beautiful is SHE?!?!?!
This is Sylvia & her Story:

“Hello Everyone! Well I decided today to do a side by side of my face shots to see where I’m at and OMG I’m in disbelief!! I didn’t notice how much I’ve changed until I did this!! WOW!! I’m so excited right now I want to jump for joy! LOL! I LOVE MY SKINNY FIBER!! I still need to take measurements but I think the picture tells it all! And I’m not even half way through my second 90 day challenge!! I’m so happy right now!! My first 90 day I lost 20lbs and last week when I weighed myself I had lost 7! My first 90 days on Skinny Fiber I didn’t change much but drink more water and slowly let go of soda, and I exercised 2 times. Now I make sure to drink at least 100 oz of water each day, TRY and exercise at least 20 minutes each day, and use portion control. If I can do it so can you!! Skinny Fiber Rocks!!”