This is my Skinny Fiber Weight Loss Review and Testimonial




This is Me Paula and this is my testimonial for Skinny Fiber

Ok guys I have finally gotten up the Nerve to show you what I looked like before Skinny Fiber . But before that I want to give you a little history. The picture on the left is me after I had my four children. I was weighing in close to 180 pounds. I am only 5’3″ so I was lets say chunky. My youngest is 5 now so I stayed that way up until a year ago and I looked in the mirror and said no!! I was then wearing a size 14-16 pants and large shirts. Now the picture on the right is me in October 2013. Since I started taking Skinny Fiber I have lost close to 40 pounds weighing in now at 143 pounds. I do not know about the inches because I did not keep track of that part but I sized myself by some old jeans that I had and I really wanted to get back into. I am now wearing those size 10 Jeans!!!!  I was one of those people who did try everything and nothing seemed to work until Skinny Fiber. It was an all natural supplement so I said why not. The only thing that could happen is that it will not work. Well it does!!!! I am also throwing in some pictures of me working on the last 25 pounds. I started another challenge on Nov 21 2013 (that is the picture on the left) and I took another one today Jan 8 2014 (picture on the right) Let me know what you think….

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