This is Karen’s Testimonial

This is Karen:

“Ok Here is my story. I did not like to have pictures taken of me since I had my surgery last year. I gained all the weight back that I worked so hard to get off. I was stuck in a rut, depressed, and lost all self esteem. I went off my HRT thinking it would help me lose weight but then I was Just fat with severe Hot Flashes and Night sweats. In the May picture I was back up to 198.6 lbs. and was about to give up. Then by some weird chance I started watching testimonies of Skinny Fiber. My husband is so supportive of me and as I researched the product because that’s what I do, he encouraged me to give it a try and he would like to try it also. May 28th I placed my order and We started product June 6th 2013. Here is where I get personal, My Surgery was in part regards to my weight gain and 9 lb. babies but also because I have had chronic Constipation since I was around age 12. I also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at age 30. For a private person like me those statements are such a huge step for me. I do not let people close enough to know that about me. There is such a bad stigma with Fibromyalgia and no one talks about bathroom issues. But those two health issues overtook my Life. Until Now…In the short 30 days since I started Skinny Fiber, I am regular, every day for the 1st time in my life. I have so much energy now which was lacking with the Fibro. I will not get on a scale until my 90 days but those capris I am wearing on the right, I could not get them past my thighs 2 months ago. I have lost 11 1/4 inches in only 30 days, and on purpose, I didn’t change what I ate or worked out except an occasional walk and a few crunches, jumping jacks and leg lifts that we do in group. I do not think of food like I did when I lost weight before surgery. I deprived myself of everything last time, and that is what kept me from trying to lose the weight I gained. Skinny Fiber keeps me from overeating all while the enzymes work at getting me Healthy. I am so excited for this month because I am walking 2 miles a day and going to watch what I eat. I want to do this now and I feel so good I know I can do it. My husband has been my support system since the day Fibromyalgia interrupted our lives and he has noticed, I do not complain about anymore. It is because I feel so good!!! I don’t know how it works but I do know I Thank God that I found Skinny Fiber Oh ya, My husband saw my before and after picture, He said , “Honey, Oh my Gosh, look at the change”…Yep, Love is blind I can’t wait until he see’s the Next picture on my 60 days!”


Now that is awesome!!  You go Karen!

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People are really changing their lives with this product.  I know it has changed