Theresa Shares How Skinny Body Care Products Has Helped Her

This is what Theresa has to say. “Sharing my Skinny Body Care products experience with you. I have lost 30+ lbs, and the inflammation in my back is gone due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients, especially Cha de Bugre and bromelain. I love Skinny Body Max especially for the probiotics which keep my gut healthy and my weight in control. I’m in love with HiBurn8 because of the ashwagandha benefits since I have suffered with adrenal fatigue for many years and the adaptogenic properties and numerous nutrients are helping to heal my adrenal glands as well as other vital organs. I’ve never been in single digits as an adult so I’m not trying to lose any more. I’m comfortable being a 10-12 as long as my medical report says I’m healthy. ” – Theresa

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