Testimonial from Torri after 6 months with Skinny Fiber

If you have been on the fence about skinny fiber and have been watching and waiting then this pic is for you. This is me, Torri Camp Gayle and I took the first pic last year while I was huffing and puffing trying to take my dog for a walk as the local state park. I could barely make it back to my car weighing in at 202 lbs. The second picture was taken today, July 30, 2013 while I was walking my dog around the (very large and hilly) neighborhood I live in now. I don;t have to tell you that I am much lighter, healthier and feel great because a picture does not lie. Yes this is me, a healthy, happy and very devoted Skinny fiber user. I am 32 lbs lighter and 3 pant sizes smaller (16 to a 12). I am NEVER going to look back. I am living my life and NOTHING will stop me now. Why are you waiting???? 



Here is another wonderful testimonial from a happy skinny fiber customer.  Are you ready to start your 90 day challenge?  If so go here  http://skinnyland.sbc90.com/