Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Bake

blankThis Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Bake is healthy and delicious with all your favorite Mexican flavors easily baked together in a single casserole dish!  This recipe is also gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and great for meal prep!

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner so why not throw all your favorite Mexican flavors together into one healthy casserole!

I’m ALL about quick and easy recipes, especially during the busy work week, and it truly doesn’t get much easier (or tastier!) than this Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quinoa Bake!  I mean you literally just dump all of your ingredients into one single dish and throw it in the oven.  It’s that easy!  A satisfyingly healthy meal that is super filling and packed with fiber and protein despite being a meatless dish.

Once or twice a week I really like to eat all plant-based meals which makes this recipe perfect for our family and also gives us delicious leftovers for our meal prep!  Sometimes I’ll add chicken or beef along with this casserole, but it really is super delicious all on its own or over a salad with some sliced avocado 🙂

The quinoa in this recipe cooks really easily in the baking dish along with the rest of the ingredients, zero stove top cooking required!  A delicious combination of sweet potatoes, black beans, and corn along with seasonings like chili powder, cumin, thyme and garlic.   If you’re not a fanatic of quinoa , brown rice could brand a not bad surrogate!

I surely intimacy this easy casserole for the reason that not simply accomplishes it product a padding weeknight meal all on its own , however this in addition makes a enormous neighboring dish exceedingly.  If you aren’t vegan or dairy-free , consider unengaged to toss various threadbare chick, reason white meat or turkey along and a number of frayed cheese or you would however serve this conscious on taco hour of darkness.  The leftovers positive brand a delicious breakfast overly!  Competently have a say a fried egg plus various avocado 😉

In my opinion I found out that chopping the charming potatoes into lesser cubes configured this procedure activity paramount for the reason that this makes the potatoes great small little bit gastronomic.  The most well-off way to do this was to slice the engaging potatoes into “fries” at the moment cut one another into cubes , near to a 1/2 move slowly each .

An added tip is to bake this dish addressed given that the first 45 minutes at the moment finalize off baking revealed consequently that the liquid may possibly essentially get concentrating bit further providing the potatoes a pleasant color .  I yet permitted the casserole to sit given that an added 5 minutes only once I engrossed it out of the kiln therefore that any of the remaining liquid would troth soaked wide awake as well as the recreation of the dish .  I was at the start alarmed while I engrossed out the casserole that it in addition seemed a speck “liquidy,” excluding that instantaneously went in different places also tasted exact after stationary for the reason that a few minutes prior to serving !

One time the whole thing is cooked , I certainly basically sprinkled also assorted chopped green onions and it was geared up to serve !  This is certainly solitary of those cups you can delicately style to your liking overly, suppose gratis to replace distinctive veggies that you like better such for chopped bell peppers , zucchini or squash, you might modify wakeful the seasonings with, for the reason that I mentioned prior to, this may possibly furthermore have delicious topped with many threadbare cheese !

I in truth pray you the entirety have the benefit of this lovable potato as well as black bean quinoa casserole since a great deal of given that we made ready furthermore if you DO comprehensive wide awake securing this for you along with your family, don’t put out of your mind to allowance your delicious photos on Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #eatyourselfskinnyrecipe as a result that I might envision whatever you everything are ingesting!  Meet up with a immense Cinco de Mayo this week !

This looks Thence Suitable! I cannot kill time to make it ! Thank you because the job!

Expect you take pleasure in this ! 🙂

I seasoned this , competent all of the factors plus right away made it ! This turned out delicious !

As a result cheerful you enjoyed this Sandy!! 🙂

Do you familiar with whatsoever the sodium pleased is ? Thanks! Sounds astonishing!!

Sodium is 36.6 mg in line with serving 🙂 Benefit from!

Meal prep is what I LIVE as. Anyhow, I variety of labor under to as a college student ! In a precise universe, I’d certainly heat what I feel appreciate creating five minutes or less . However anyhow, I may eat this sweet potato black bean quinoa boil every day! It gives the impression glorious with may well sipping perfect plus assorted tempeh or a bulky salad !

I experience likewise to find a technique with charming potatoes I don’t cherish. Believe with you on the meal prep ! Ideal technique for that 🙂

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