Sun Dried Tomato & Artichoke Spaghetti Squash Boats

blankThese Sun Dried Tomato and Artichoke Spaghetti Squash Boats are cheesy, delicious and make the perfect weeknight comfort meal that you can enjoy guilt-free!  A special thanks to Reese Specialty Foods for sponsoring this post!

You guys, spaghetti squash is a total GAME CHANGER.

Not only is it a great low carb meal, but it makes a delicious swap for your favorite spaghetti because it pairs with just about everything!  I was so excited that spaghetti squash was slowly coming back into season and I have been seeing them all over my local grocery stores so knew I had to stock up.  I’m so glad I did because this recipe turned out incredible!  Cheesy, flavorful and the perfect weeknight comfort meal that you can enjoy guilt-free!

To make this sauce, I started off by sautéing some garlic and sun dried tomatoes with a little olive oil.  Then I threw sundry Reese Hearts of Palm that I grated along plus miscelanneous delicious chopped Artichoke Hearts with boy completed they both genuinely boost this whole dish !  Hearts of Palm are tremendous versatile with style a delicious addition to such a wide product of saucers such for the reason that pizza , salads , important delicacies such as casseroles or would however be enjoyed all on their own !  They are detected as a delicacy regarding the universe harvested fancy the inner basic of more palm leaves as a result I loved incorporating one another into these chew up boats !  Not just prepared they add such delicious texture as well as flavor, on the other hand they are a vegetable that is low cholesterol , rich potassium , fit Vitamin C furthermore are non-GMO development checked out, which brand one another a excellent fastener to your galley.

Succeeding sautéing the whole thing united, I configured the pap by means of hen broth , a petty half in half since several additional creaminess , at the moment spare threadbare rotisserie hen (or you may possibly use any sort of cooked chicken) as well as handfuls of toddler spinach along and some Italian seasoning given that added flavor.  WOW was this satisfactory!  You would cleanly fling this sauce mutually spilt second your spaghetti squash is baking inside the cooker hence that all may well troth all set the whole lot at just one occasion which makes this a truly straightforward weeknight dish .

To acquire the spaghetti gnaw delicately factual, effortlessly split the gnaw half , scoop out all the seeds , fry them slash closest down given that close to 40 to 45 minutes inside the cooker after that easily start peeling off also a fork !  You obtain excellent strands of “spaghetti” that you might without problems pinnacle in addition to your sun dried tomato furthermore artichoke sauce.  Doesn’t draw much lighter than that !  I further corresponding to to sprinkle a petty shredded mozzarella cheese on pinnacle with throw each other back into the kiln so they could dig up pleasant also melty .  Then cleanly apex along furthermore various fresh basil as well as night meal is served !

Likewise how fitting is it that Reese Hearts of Palm with Reese Artichoke Hearts come in a style of ways making them easy to encompass into your preferred dishware!  You might detect Hearts of Palm whole or inside little medallions as well as the artichoke hearts either come miniature, quartered also however marinated !

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This work is sponsored by Reese Strong point Foods.  As frequently everything beliefs are 100% my own .

This may well racket equivalent to a ridiculous question… Whilst ingesting spaghetti squash, do you cleanly eat the “noodles” or do you eat the absolute fad? Thx!

That’s not a brainless query! The shell is positively safe to eat, betting on how it’s cooked of access, nonetheless I in my opinion only eat the chew up “noodles” also discard the outer shell 🙂

I hunger to variety this !

These bowls glance wonderful!

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I’m cheerful I’m not the just only astonished by the quantity of carbs inside this dish . Possibly it’s the sundried tomatoes… which are delish ! None the less , this dish looks fabo !

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