Strawberry Chia Overnight Oats

blankThese Strawberry Chia Overnight Oats with homemade chia seed jam are easily made in just minutes the night before giving you a delicious healthy breakfast to enjoy as soon as you wake up!  

Starting my mornings off with a delicious healthy breakfast is SO important yet finding the time to actually make something worth enjoying before running out the door can be tough.  That’s why I LOVE making overnight oats!  I can literally throw everything together in just 5 minutes the night before then wake up the next day, add my favorite toppings and I’m all set!  Quick, easy and no clean up necessary.  Now that’s my kind of breakfast!

Overnight oats have this magical ability of soaking up whatever liquid you choose to use making them super flavorful and ridiculously creamy.  That’s why I old Silk’s Brand new Protein Nutmilk!  Not sole are there 10 grams of protein in every serving , nonetheless this nut milk is excess creamy creating it the wonderful addition because these overnight oats !

Silk Protein Nutmilk is made bask in a delicious amalgamation of almond with cashew milk along furthermore a mammoth originator of plant-based protein delight in 100% peas .  It’s as well dairy-free , lactose-free , gluten-free plus soy-free in addition to nothing saturated fat furthermore 80% less sugar than dairy milk thence you know you may possibly suppose okay almost this invention!  For this particular technique I hand-me-down the creamy vanilla aroma, then again this addict milk may in addition withstand delicious over cereal , in smoothies , or however on its own inside a windowpane!

I additionally absolutely advocate via delicious Silk Protein Nutmilk given that a dairy-free coffee creamer for of how thick along with creamy it is !  Trust me you’ll thank me shortly on this only.

Now I must state my most wanted allocation around this procedure was this homemade strawberry chia seed jam that I miscellaneous with my oats furthermore, of passage, did conscious pouring the whole lot excess of the apex!  GAME CHANGER guys .  Not only ended this have a say such a delicious sweetness to the oats , but you furthermore obtain the spare benefits of this wonderful superfood for the reason that chia seeds are rich in fiber along with protein .  They also turn up to construct a jelly-like substance once more to liquid consequently earning this into a jam is on the whole a no-brainer !

The entirety you do is merely hack unsleeping your strawberries furthermore extreme temperature them a saucepan on the stove pending they transform sappy.  Mash them up, contribute a minute darling or maple syrup along along furthermore your chia seeds along with let the entirety sit till the jam starts to thicken conscious.  SO simple!  I in addition organized this before of instance hence that I would blend sundry with my overnight oats , excluding this jam will previous up to two weeks the fridge so spread it on toast or add it to your number one delicacies!

The other mammoth fad on the subject of overnight oats is that there is enormously NO Culinary involved at all.  You cleanly group the entirety your issues together the dead night sooner than in addition to wake up to a delicious breakfast !  Just keep in mind anything you give to these oats will change into rapt overnight as a result if you such as a good crunch you’ll yearn to linger plus mishmash those in precise sooner than consuming.  There are a nonstop amounts of toppings that you would contribute to these oats , other than given that this procedure I sprinkled a slight granola , different fresh sliced strawberries , excess chia seeds along in addition to a dollop of that delicious jam !

Varied amusing toppings may possibly include peanut butter , fanatical with seeds , clean fruit furthermore berries , tattered coconut , bee pollen , flaxseed or also chocolate chips !  As you may well picture the chances are essentially never-ending as long-lasting as you undergo a elemental straightforward procedure to commence with.  I moreover reminiscent of to mishmash a tiny vanilla or cinnamon for different spare flavor in addition to excess sweetness .

These overnight oats are dairy-free , refined-sugar absolved in addition to vegan (if using maple syrup place of the honey) and methodized in addition to the entirety sparkling, wholesome aspect.  A precise healthy breakfast plotted out merely minutes the nighttime before that you may possibly just grasp along with go off the afterwards daylight!  Hope you everything have the benefit of this formula procedure as a lot of for I did!

If you want to find out more concerning Silk Protein Nutmilk as at any rate because The entirety of Silk’s different delicious merchandises, head on over to their website here or you may perhaps simply observe Silk merchandises at your local market supermarket!

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This looks delicious ! I can’t kill time to try out it out .

I”m care as well as overnight oats plus putting this chia jam on it eliminates it way over the summit! I”m inside!

This looks massive! Exactly what I desire for pouring along with climbing-this only is pouring on Pinterest accurate at the moment, thanks for confessing!

Hi there !

This gives the look delish . I’m in need of clarification persuade 🙂

It gives the look love you withstand a dollop of jam two occasions – is that correct? One that you mix factual into the overnight oats plus one and only that you situate on summit of the overnight oats while you eat the sunrise?

Yep! I blend with regards to a tablespoon of jam into the oats to sit overnight (the taste gets rapt beyond doubt nicely !) after that I drizzle a trivial on top exact earlier than ingesting. This is just my preference , except consider gratis to have a say as much or for small as you’d comparable to! 🙂

This looks delicious ! I will beyond doubt troth trying this , thanks given that exposing!
Anything camera plus lense finished you purpose to get this gorgeous view?

Thank you thus a large amount of! I reason a Canon Attribute III 5D plus a 100 mm macro lens 🙂 You would observe the whole lot my photography furniture here ! http://www

My tiny dame only looves strawberry , as well as this gives the impression tremendous yummy , thank you !

Attains lone hot temperature overnight oatmeal or eat it frosty? Thanks!

I frequently eat mine frosty, nonetheless you may possibly high temperature it wakeful if you sought!

This gives the impression absolutely amazing, absolutely striving it ASAP!!

M. x | http://www

I couldn’t agree supplementary – Starting the daytime as well as a healthy breakfast in truth makes the inclusive daylight consequently a large amount of better! Loving these overnight oats ! That chia jam gives the look extraordinary!

Oh my gosh , more experienced the featured picture on Bloglovin’. So glad I clicked , I’ve under no circumstances considered of attaining a jam also chia seeds . By the use of that hints straight method. Thanks!

this looks sooo yummy <3
might fondness to submit to single factual at the moment!
glg katy


These peep wonderful!


I simply found out completed making this a few minutes ago . The hardly thing I prepared esoteric is I used strawberries and rhubarb . Misinformation wait to try it in the crack of dawn 🙂

I merely fell upon prepared making this . The merely obsession I ended varied was I place strawberries along with rhubarb . Can’t linger to attempt it the daybreak 🙂

I attachment the guidelines of overnight oats , although I without difficulty can’t capture more than the consideration of wolfing freezing oatmeal . It looks thus weird and wonderful to me… merely adore when men plant fruit in cottage cheese . I don’t acquire it !

Haha furnish it a undertake, you can truly be confounded! 😉

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