Sparkling Mint Juleps

blankHappy Friday!

Hold on to your giant fancy hats – the Kentucky Derby® is coming up in a few weeks, so we’ve partnered with 14 Hands Wine (a.k.a. the favorite wine of the Kentucky Derby) to ship you a fresh leap cocktail . Anything is it ? A twist on a traditional mint julep – it’s minty , it’s tangy , and it’s sparkly !

The classic mint julep is plotted out also mint , bourbon , straightforward syrup with crushed ice . As a substitute of the effortless syrup , I conveyed the liberty of interjecting lime juice and sparkling wine instead. I feel bubbles variety all superior along with 14 Hands Brut, with its apple along with citrus flavors , is the great addition .

I wish you offer this single a attempt this weekend or sec you’re delighting the Derby on Saturday, Would 6th!

Still – tune inside to Facebook Live on April 27th at 2pm (central). I’ll be gaining Derby drinks a (including a delicious in addition to uplifting rosé cocktail that’s pictured more than!), along plus some pretty party bites .

Whatever a enjoyable twist! I’ll labor under to award this a try.

I more established no idea 14 workforce more responsible a brut or rose since that topic! These blare as a result uplifting!

Mmmm this looks massive! I attachment mint inside the summer months on the other hand regularly competently set out because a mojito . You’re precise bubbles do product everything more adept though

Adorable pictures , and I fondness this springy twirl on the mint julep ! I’m excited to envision whatever the rosé cocktail concerns.

I’m inspired by this cocktail , tenderness the surrogate as effortless syrup also the wine in this julep twist, thank you for the reason that this !

This look fun with festive ! anything a vast down recipe

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