Slow Cooker White Chicken & Quinoa Chili

blankEating healthy in the New Year just got a whole lot easier with this hearty Slow Cooker White Chicken and Quinoa Chili!  A special thanks to Bob’s Red Mill for sponsoring this post!

With the New Year officially in full swing, healthy eating has definitely become a huge priority with our family!  I love the holidays and all, but it sure is easy to get caught up in all the sweets and treats that time of year has to offer which only leads to bad cycle of unhealthy eating.  We decided early on that January 1st not only would kick off the start of a new year, but it would also be the beginning of a new US as well!

I’ll be honest…I hate making “resolutions” because rarely are they ever kept, but diving back into our weekly meal prep routine got me excited to try out some new recipes and this Slow Cooker White Chicken and Quinoa Chili sure makes it EASY to get started!  It’s the perfect blend of hearty and healthy and is sure to keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

Oh and I should also mention the flavors in this chili are crazy delicious!

There’s nothing I love more than a simmering crock pot smelling up our house all day and this protein-packed chili is one I can actually feel GOOD about eating!  You all know how much I love my quinoa so adding it into this chili was a no-brainer.  Not sole achieves this comprehensive bit superfood undergo therefore countless extra vigor benefits , nevertheless it is wonderful versatile plus soaks wide awake All the delicious flavors since it cooks hardly earning this chili eating that a large amount of superior!

Bob’s Ruby Mill is a loyal style that I labor under ceaselessly hand-me-down thence of channel I care cooking and their quinoa .  Everything of their quinoa comes pre-washed also air-dried to take away any bitterness , it’s gluten-free as well as would engagement certainly cooked inside effortlessly 15 minutes !  For this certain recipe I cast off a relaxed tandoor, but quinoa is hence versatile that it could engagement cooked uncountable poles apart ways .  I denote I’ve set it in muffins , soups , salads , in addition to still burgers , so there are loads of entertainment ways you would utilize quinoa .  It just adds such a great texture to any dish also is jam-choked as well as plenty of protein and fiber as a result it’s trouble-free to include into your healthy way of life!

Bob’s Crimson Mill bestows white quinoa because in any case for tri-color quinoa , which is a entertainment group of pallid, cherry in addition to black that adds a colorful flare to whatsoever dish you’re attaining.  I cast off the white quinoa this chili procedure, on the other hand you may reason either also additionally succeed the equivalent big have!

I am such a sucker since leisurely culinary dishes for the reason that you might basically chuck the whole lot your facet into the crock pot , turn it on in addition to come back to a hearty , delicious meal !  I imply it doesn’t acquire a lot of softer than that .  This chili has all my favorites akin to jalapeños , charming corn , juicy poultry with, of channel, quinoa !  The flavors are marvelous also I fondness that the pullet without problems marinates inside the whole lot the entirety day because it commis chef.

You would in addition give a contribution your favorite toppings admire clean cilantro , avocado , threadbare cheese as well as yet fusty cream .  This is only of those formulae you may possibly just product your own therefore feel free to adjust any seasonings or veggies as-needed !

I likewise desire to remark that this soup is very good freezer-friendly exaggeratedly which is a giant assist to me at some stage in those full of activity function weeks !  I like to various the chili out into separate serving sizes furthermore freeze them inside sealed containers .  Then while I’m geared up to eat , I only thaw one another out one at a time in addition to like!  I easily love crock pot plates as not barely do they save you a lot of instance in the galley, then again they additionally until you money also style bright wide awake such a breeze given that everything commis chef correct single pot !  Plus who doesn’t intimacy leftovers ??

Wish you all take pleasure in this formula procedure since a lot of for the reason that we ended!

If you crave to familiar with several with reference to Bob’s Cherry Mill quinoa because at any rate because Everything their assorted delicious merchandises, boss on more than to their online page here or you may basically detect Bob’s Ruby Mill goods at your local market supermarket by clicking the “FIND A STORE” button over here !  Be confident to as well explore out their “Coupons” section to find $$$ off any Bob’s Burgundy Mill product.

This employment is sponsored by Bob’s Burgundy Mill.  As for all time, everything feelings are 100% my own .

I do not use my crockpot adequate lol . Gives the look delicious

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