Here is your answer NO it is not!!!  Even though Skinny Fiber is  very good at stopping those

cravings that make you want to over eat there are still some rules you have to follow.  These rules

are rules that you have in any dieting situation.

1 – Do not buy Skinny Fiber unless you are ready to Lose Weight.  If you keep up the

same bad habits such as fast food, sodas, candy you will not lose the weight. And therefore will be

wasting your money.

2 – Portion control is very important.  Don’t pile your plate high with food.  Even if it is healthy.

because too much of a good thing can be bad for a dieting situation.

3 – Exercise is essential.  We should be doing this anyway.  Even if you have a hectic schedule find time

to squeeze in at least 30 minutes of walk time in daily.

4 – Always eat fresh fruits and veggies.  In all of our daily routines we do not get the essential vitamins and

nutrition.  If you start training your brain early on to eat fresh then that habit will most likely stick with you for the

long haul.

5 – DRINK WATER – Skinny Fiber contains Glucomannan when combined with water expands in your belly to make

you feel full.  Plus it also hydrates the body and the body can function 100% better.

6 – Last but not least.  LOVE YOURSELF – Tell yourself daily that you are Great and that you Can do this.

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