Skillet Cheesy Chicken And Veggie “Rice”

blankSkillet Cheesy Chicken and Veggie “Rice” made with riced broccoli and cauliflower, sauteed chicken and cheddar cheese. I whipped this up for dinner the other night and my daughter loved it! It’s so fast and easy to make I knew I had to share.

When I was a kid I hated broccoli until I tried it with cheese, then I was hooked and used to eat it every time we had leftover broccoli. For the reason that an adult , I further attachment the blend. This dish conveyed less than fifteen minutes to type. I undergone a bag of this frozen broccoli-cauliflower riced veggies indulge in Green Life-size, and miscelanneous chick furthermore I knew this can be a prevailing combo . This would act alright and any form of riced veggie , albeit I in my view suppose the broccoli manufactured the dish . If you can’t come across riced broccoli or cauliflower , you can likewise brand it yourself by pulsing peeled broccoli stems with cauliflower florets inside miniature batches a food processor pending is resembles rice . You may well delicately double this for four with product it a more bountiful skillet .

On an additional make an observation, we’re inside affection also their cauliflower slugs, thence I’m happy those are a slapped!

Thank you . : )

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