Review of Skinny Body Max by Brittany



This is a reivew of Skinny Body Max by Skinny Body Care by Brittany.


“They say a photo is worth a thousand words… But I want to get really deep with you all as a look into my life and journey to get here.

Before having any of my kids I was a skinny 110 lbs. Yes, I was very active with playing sports but it was my metabolism that was through the roof. I can thank my father for that. I could eat whenever I wanted and whatever I wanted. As I got older and through my pregnancies, I kept that lifestyle. I learned through my journey that when my depression is the worst, which being honest is more often than not, I eat. There are days where I could eat and snack all day long.

Starting out at that 110 lbs to after my last pregnancy reaching 200 lbs, I hated everything about myself. I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror and hated leaving the house. I let my image control my mind by always comparing myself to everyone around me. And listening to those who laughed at the size I had become.

One day I decided I didn’t want to stay this way. But I couldn’t do it on my own, I needed help. I have been criticised, made fun of, judged, etc for my decision of needing help. How lazy I was being for not losing weight and getting healthy the “real” way. Believe me, I tried controlling my eating habits but I didn’t get any results which discouraged me more. I was more upset than ever. I wanted to get exercising to help. But trying to even get out of bed some days were a struggle. So I just gave in and I got help.

And you know what, it worked! But it did more than work, it gave me a whole other Family. A Family that has encouraged me through every moment. Who went beyond when they could have just turned their backs! Slowly, those voices I had been listening to including my own started getting drowned out by Love from my New Family. My SBC Family!

The scale is not what is driving my happiness anymore, it’s looking at this picture. Looking at how far I have come. What I do care about is how I feel! Yes, I still need to tone up the loose skin due to the loss of 40 lbs. But through this Journey I have started putting myself down less and loving myself more.

This hasn’t just been a weight change for me, it’s been a lifestyle change!”