Review of Instant Youth from Sandi



This is a review of Instant Youth by Skinny Body Care from Sandi.


“Ok.. Non Believers… The 1st photo was taken Jan 31st before I started using Instant Youth. No makeup, only moisturizer (I use coconut oil) the 2nd photo was taken this morning again (March 11, 2016).   No makeup only coconut oil.  A little less than 6 weeks using instant Youth 3-4 times a week, I also use Ageless Anti-Aging Serum twice aday EVERY day and I’ve been taking Hi Burn 8 for 3 weeks. I am a Product of the Products.  I am not a professional photographer so I know the lighting is not the same, but I did the best I could.   If you already have Instant Youth…don’t just use it for special occasions… USE IT OFTEN !!! If you havent ordered Instant Youth… What the heck are you waiting on ???”