Reasons to Fire Your Boss and Make Money Online



Reasons to Fire Your Boss and Make Money Online

What matters is Your Own Economy!  

You can not control the national economy.  If interest rates rise, jobs are outsourced overseas, unemployment increases and political decisions negatively impact our economy, there is nothing you, personally, can do about it. 

You can only control your own personal economy.  How much you earn depends upon where and for whom you work.  Would it not be better if you were in control of what you do and how much you are paid?  Well, of course it would be better.  We want to show you how you can regain control of your life, your freedoms and your financial well-being.

There are many reasons to firing your boss and making your own economy but we will only touch on six very good reasons.

    1.  TIME FREEDOM    

Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be a trade off between the journey for success and the price you and your loved ones end up paying for it? It’s always been more time pursuing money, less time for everything else.


OK here is a tough one!  Unless you have a financial vehicle that let’s you increase your income on demand, you are just an indentured servant, no matter how fancy your title or how many degrees you have.

      3.  LEVERAGE

Most investors and employers understand Leverage. If you’re an investor, you use some money to do the work of lot of money.If you’re an employer, you leverage the work of your employees.With today’s NEW style of home-based business, it’s also all about leverage.

      4.  LIFESTYLE

Do you have a lifestyle now that really turns you on? Did you forget that a great lifestyle was even possible?  Lifestyle is about living where you want to live and having the money to do the things you really enjoy when you want to do them.

      5.  TECHNOLOGY

Today’s technology.  It’s a combination of your computer, lots of other computers, the Internet, and the brains and muscle power behind it all.  How do you use your computer? Most people use it just to play games or run a few simple programs.How about the Internet? Most people use the Internet to just surf, shop or chat.  Smart people harness the power of Today’s Technology in their home business.

      6.  TAX WRITE OFF (Last but not least is a really good reason)

I am pretty sure that people do not think of this reason at all when starting an online business.  If you’re a W-2 earner, you’ll want to pay attention here!  Most people are not aware that by having a home-based business they are entitled to many substantial tax deductions. This could make a significant difference in their lifestyle without increasing their overall income.

So listed above are some really good reasons to pursue money online.  

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