Really Yummy Miso Citrus Dressing

blankPopping in today with a really quick recipe! It’s citrus season and this is a simple zippy dressing that I’ve been putting on everything lately. It’s a bright, tangy combination of clementine, lemon, miso, garlic and ginger. All of these ingredients also have detoxifying properties – so consider this a little health kick after last week’s Valentine’s treats.

– Pour it far more than sliced cabbage plus assorted crunchy veggies plus make a slaw . Let it all marinate inside the fridge collectively for a few hours or overnight .

– Far more than straightforward steamed veggies . Straightforward for the reason that that .

– Salads of route! As well as grain bowls . It makes easy veggies genuinely sing .

– Tossed in addition to chilly noodles also stir fried veggies . Have a say a protein of your poll with some toasted cashews or peanuts .

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