Quinoa Egg White Breakfast Wrap

blankStarting my mornings off with a delicious healthy breakfast is always a MUST for me and there really are so many ways you can spice up your morning routine if you are sick of eating the same old thing every day.  These Quinoa Egg White Breakfast Wraps are super easy to make, are packed with tons of protein and taste super flavorful!

They are also perfect to grab on-the-go!  We know how busy mornings can be so having something simple you can make and take with you in the car is often times such a lifesaver.  Plus you’ll be feeling perfectly full and satisfied through the afternoon and can even enjoy any of the leftover quinoa for lunch.  Trust me , it’s THAT very good!  Starting your break of day with a expensive protein breakfast not just boosts your metabolism , nonetheless will certainly carry you energized right through the daytime.  And if you attachment your morning workouts reminiscent of I do at the moment you’ll confident thank me because this recipe – this makes a large post-workout meal !

AllWhites® 100% Liquid Egg Whites product it thus straightforward also handy to like a healthy cock-crow breakfast .  AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites are naturally fat-free , cholesterol-free furthermore style the great low-calorie choice to ordinary eggs .  Plain more matured scrambled egg whites may perhaps get pretty unexciting if made everything the occasion, except throwing each other inside a absolute wheat wrap plus veggies along with quinoa in truth makes this recipe a front runner!  I suggest breakfast is the various supreme meal of the daylight so you covet to class confident it tastes acceptable!

You might still purpose AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites in a wide variety of ways because they are pasteurized since security plus are in point of fact safer than traditional total eggs .  Try by way of them uncooked salad dressings , shakes , smoothies plus desserts (tiramisu someone?!) without upsetting concerning nutrient borne illnesses .  You might moreover purpose these egg whites to class casseroles , homemade mayo , and desserts akin to macaroons !

On the other hand back to these wraps !  You guys will gravely attachment everything the delicious ingredients admire cumin , salsa , cilantro along with avocado that are delicately exact given that spicing conscious the quinoa and egg whites .  These are diverse of my beloved taste combinations and they in reality provide a enjoyment Mexican flare to the finalize wrap (or burrito because several may well attract it !)

To brand the quinoa , I just cooked it in step with the package directives subsequently further cumin , salsa with chopped cilantro because further zest.  The egg whites I scrambled way over midpoint heat along as well as a touch of salt also pepper , on the other hand you may as well merely accept them cook uniformly in the skillet earning them more leisurely to wrap up.  You should beyond doubt product this technique to your liking !  Then by means of a inclusive wheat wrap , I combined a handful of spinach foliage, quinoa , scrambled egg whites along also a number of threadbare cheese also avocado which is fully discretionary in addition precisely best.

Mmm is your tongue watering in addition??

The abundant swell obsession on the subject of these wraps is that you can actually brand these everything your own !  Use your favored jarred salsa to blend with the quinoa – various fun design might engagement black bean corn salsa , roasted chipotle salsa or you may even type your own .  For these wraps I merely cast off my ideal chunky salsa and reasonable warmth as I didn’t wish one another exceedingly spicy and just loved the whole thing the flavors it older, particularly once combined along furthermore the cumin with cilantro .

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If you covet to discern plenty around AllWhites 100% Liquid Egg Whites, leader on over to their site here or you would simply locate AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites at your local grocery store chain store!  You would as well locate a great deal of delicious recipes also wellbeing inspiration on their site since nonetheless given that their Pinterest page !

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This is a sponsored discussion written by me on behalf of AllWhites Egg Whites. The beliefs plus essay are the entirety mine .

Cannot dig up over how altogether delicious this looks! I in reality need to try out this out soon!

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This appears consequently excellent – I can’t pass the time to attempt it !
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I Attachment the idea of putting quinoa a breakfast wrap ! I positively pass through to attempt this ! Gives the look delicious !

I fondness quinoa so a good deal of also this looks corresponding to an amazing lunch . I might eat this commonplace!

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