P4 Protein Shake Is Here and Ready For orders


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P4 and it’s fabulous and the taste is AMAZING!!!
21 vitamins and minerals
3 Proteins and a Probiotics
No artificial flavors
No Sugar added
Here is the Skinny on our new P4 product!!
Collagen Protein: Being the second most abundant substance in our body behind water, Collagen Protein absorbs fast putting P4 to work almost immediately. And not only is Collagen great for building healthy muscle, it’s also a powerful supporter of healthy joints,organs and even skin!!
Whey Protein: The go to protein of elite athletes around the world. Whey Protein takes the body several hours to absorb and use. This keeps your body and muscles fueled, while helping to suppress your appetite,keep you full longer and even helps to burn calories and support a healthy metabolism.
Pea Protein: Like the other two this plant based protein has some serious benefits. its unique ability to lower levels of hunger hormone greilin help keep you feeling full even longer to maximize your weight management. It’s even been proven to support healthy heart and kidneys!! But wait!!! it’s much more that just a Protein!! On top of the highest quality, best performing protein on the planet, P4 benefits don’t end there!
Probiotics: Because managing weight and being healthy starts in your gut,P4 probiotics give powerful support to your digestive system,helping to maximize the benefits of our proteins while supporting your immune system to keeping your body healthy,lean and strong.
21 Vitamins abd minerals: Essential to your body’s health, most people don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in their daily diets. With everything from Vitamin B for energy productions, iron for building muscle, and even Iodine for metabolism, P4 fills that void and POWERS your body and even more!!
3 Different Proteins # different rates of Absorption!!!.
Maximun Nutrition Formula!!