Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole

blankWarm and delicious Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole that is lighter in calories, high in protein and can easily be made the night before for the perfect morning breakfast!

Is there anything better on a lazy Sunday morning than waking up and simply throwing your breakfast in the oven without any work or prep?  That’s why I LOVE this Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole!  Not only is this super easy to make, but it is also a much healthier alternative to typical french toast casseroles that are usually full of sugar and cream.  Now don’t worry, there may be less fat and calories in this dish, but that doesn’t mean it lacks any flavor.  It’s moist and sweet with chunks of warm blueberries in every single bite!

I just love a good breakfast like this on cozy weekends, especially when you know you’ll have guests over.  This technique is such a crowdpleaser along with wonderful for the reason that Sunday brunches , save for it moreover makes delicious leftovers if you’re barely earning it because without problems 2 or 4!

Because this casserole I old a loaf of whole wheat french bread (or you may possibly purpose sourdough) along as well as vanilla almond milk , cinnamon , maple syrup since several spare sweetness also AllWhites® 100% Liquid Egg Whites to bind the whole thing joined.  AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites are a immense origin of protein which is certainly how I akin to to initiate my sunlight hours!  They are similarly naturally fat-free , cholesterol-free with variety the right low-calorie alternative to popular eggs thence believe free to use these egg whites inside your subsequently omelet or breakfast wrap !

AllWhites 100% liquid egg whites are further very good handy to purpose!  No faded egg yolks or contending with a lot of banged eggs , without problems run for the reason that petite or given that much of the egg whites given that you desire along furthermore zilch complication, screw the top back on in addition to cleanly location it back inside the fridge .  These egg whites are pasteurized for the reason that defense in addition to are really safer than using traditional total eggs consequently you could troth certain you are gorging quality diet!

For I mentioned prior to, this is a technique I intimacy conveniently creating the middle of the night prior to basically to make being alive a trivial added cool in the mornings , except if you are creating this final tiny after that I can recommendation granting all to sit given that at smallest amount an hour hence that the bread has instance to grasp the entirety that liquid and aroma.  Then without difficulty pop the casserole inside the range plus get pleasure from!  I individually like to sprinkle a modest powdered sugar excess of peak, save for my hubby loves pouring diverse maple syrup far more than his with more blueberries .  Either manners, this is unquestionably a breakfast that realizes NOT upset!  Sometimes I’ll still throw in a modest protein powder into my blend earlier than running far more than the bread cubes to type a swell pre-workout meal !

I really anticipate you the entirety take pleasure in this Overnight Blueberry French Toast Casserole as a great deal of for we completed with I truly withstand a pleasure slight surprise for the reason that the entirety you moms out there that intimacy gastronomic plus your youngsters!  Make confident to scroll slurp less than to scrutinize out the giveaway 🙂

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This is a sponsored talk written by me on behalf of AllWhites Egg Whites. The feelings also book are the entirety mine .

This seems soooo delicious ! I absolutely hunger to undertake in addition to class this lone Sunday 🙂 x

WOW this will troth ideal this Sunday because brunch ! Care that this is softer inside calories overly 🙂

Oh my gosh this genuinely looks hence grand! I care a french toast bake that can serve a quantity.

This gives the impression astonishing!!

gosh this appears DELISH! thaks because the technique – will engagement wonderful as a indolent weekend or brunch !

Gives the look therefore yummy !

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Oh these peep so marvelous! I fondness it !!

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