Optimizing Your Sleeping Habits For Better Health


Ways To Improve Your Sleeping Habits For Better Health

Sleep deprivation is a recognized problem for millions of people. It does not discriminate based on age, gender, or sex.

It happens to everyone and many times it is solvable.

It is not only about resolving insomnia but about improving one’s quality of sleep.

According to recent studies, almost 50% of all Americans are suffering from poor sleep and the reasons are diverse. Some cite unhealthy diets while others even refer to their snoring partners!

The just right setting is not available to them and this leads to insomnia and poor sleeping habits.


What can be done about one’s poor sleeping habits? A lot can be done:


Tire The Body

Fatigue is a captivating reason to fall asleep. External factors won’t stop a fatigued person from lying down and taking a nap.

How do you tire the body? Exercising is the healthy way of doing this.

Tiring the body doesn’t mean avoiding the thought of sleep for two days and then hoping to drop onto a bed and doze off. It does not work like that.

You have to physically tire the body. Workout sessions on a daily basis are a great way to get the body churning.

Increase Melatonin Intake

This supplement is a natural substance and is needed by the body to fall asleep. Humans who suffer from insomnia will often lack this substance and, therefore, can’t fall asleep.

You might need a little boost from this supplement so add melatonin to your diet.

For those who refuse to take supplements, a glass of milk can have a similar impact when consumed 30-45 minutes prior to bed.


 Hiburn8- Night Time Weight loss When it comes to managing your weight, supporting a healthy body and maintaining important body functions, very few things are as important as a good night’s sleep. Also, studies have shown that Healthy sleep patterns help with Weight Loss!!

No Heavy Meals

The body should not be digesting food because it is unhealthy to fall asleep with food in your belly.

Heavy meals increase the heart rate. This means the body is not able to rest. Remember, the body’s heart rate has to decrease for you to fall asleep. If the digestive system is increasing the heart rate, you won’t be able to reach that state.

All meals should be consumed 3 hours before going to bed. This is why scheduling your sleep is vital.

Naps Are Effective

Studies have shown naps can increase one’s ability to sleep well at night. Naps are nice because they are quick ones which last for 20 minutes at most. Take a little nap and then get up.

If you sleep for more than 20 minutes, you will have reached the next stage in your sleep cycle and this ruins the process.

You will also feel groggy if you go over 20 minutes.

Naps can help control how you feel during the day and ensure you go to sleep at the right time.


Sleeping should always be in your control and if it is not, you should aim to rectify it. The body needs time to rest because this is when you start healing. It is the same reason weight lifters are told their muscles don’t get made in the gym alone; they are made in bed while they sleep. This is when the body begins to work on healing the muscles through protein synthesis.

You have to start small and work your way towards a healthier sleep schedule.