One Skillet Cashew Chicken Stir Fry

blankThis EASY 20 minute One Skillet Cashew Chicken Stir Fry is the perfect weeknight meal that is healthy, full of flavor and perfect for your weekly meal prep!

You guys one pot meals are totally my jam.  I mean you can never go wrong throwing a ton of chicken and fresh veggies into one single skillet and tossing it all together with a delicious peanut sauce!  Not only is this recipe perfect for your weekly meal prep (because I must say these leftovers are even better a day later), but there is little to no clean up which makes this dish the perfect weeknight meal!

For this recipe (and similar ones like it), I always try to pre-chop my veggies after I buy them so that when I’m ready to cook I can just throw everything into the pan.  That’s the great thing about meal prep, I try to cook all our lunches for the week on Sundays, but our dinners I like to make fresh each night so pre-chopping everything saves me so much time!

But not only does this make an easy weeknight dinner, but the leftovers taste even better the next day for a healthy lunch!  The sauce might be my favorite part too.  It’s creamy , evenly cute and I plainly desire to drizzle it on the whole lot!  There isn’t much spice inside this formula procedure, however suppose free to have a say a tablespoon of Sriracha or ruby pepper flakes if you resembling a small warmth.  I signify you discern I am All around Sriracha these life for the reason that known here , here also also here , you accurately can’t go improper because the stuff is consequently acceptable!  So yes completely add many to this recipe if you hunger that good joy!

Doesn’t that gander delicious ?!

I go through been all concerning fast dinners resembling this these days as we’re as well foot-dragging as our home to be ended.  Most of my kitchenette stuff is everything packed elsewhere thus what on earth I can class that go with cleanly into single pan plus gives us dishes for the then few days is competently exact for us !  Our concluding date because the place of dwelling is certainly two short weeks in addition to I can’t notify you how agitated we are !  We virtually set out to this course back inside August as a result it has been a long-lasting (but pleasure!) 10 months of choosing every essential, saving every penny , packing , with delicately blockage.  To utter we are all set to move may be an understatement !

Wish you take pleasure in this One and only Skillet Cashew Hen Summon Heat since a good deal of because we finished as well as recollect to tab me on Instagram using the hashtag #eatyourselfskinnyrecipe if you entire wide awake attaining this !  I Tenderness seeing everything your photos also delicious food!

If allergic to soy , any esoteric pulp tributes? Thank you !

Experience you tested coconut aminos ?? They are a not bad put back because soy sauce plus undergo in reality acceptable miscellaneous in sauces 🙂 Here’s a link to a product I’ve in my view tried: http://amzn .to/2q3lmAT

By no means heard of it , thanks !!

Swift, painless to make, furthermore packed and veggies .. sounds comparable to the perfect dinner to me ! Running to undertake this since positive 🙂 Thanks for the reason that the formula procedure!

Enjoy Amanda! 🙂

I’ve been hunting for greenhorn along with appealing meal preps to seek as awhile at this time. Certainly attempting this only out !

Will undertake this recipe this week** painless peasy ! Fondness that .

This meal was delicious also painless. Thanks!

That gives the impression delicious ! Broccoli also carrots go off genuinely well with chicken. You may well add miscelanneous bamboo add exceedingly. May well be smashing on a bed of various steamed rice .

This gives the impression as a result fine I more responsible to undertake it . The mirthful thing is I don’t trouble for the reason that cashews , I don’t heed as peanut butter , I don’t worry because carrots in addition to I gone through never checked picture peas . Excluding various breed of way this everything worked out . I was really entirely entirely happy in addition to it . I versed to give a minor several hose given that the pottage was type of thick . I’m definitely trying this all over again with shrimp

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