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Personal Trainer Says He KNOWS WHY Women "Can't Lose Weight" (Really?)

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Body Positivity Gatekeeping Has GONE TOO FAR

ObesetoBeast 53.8K views Fri Sep 18th, 2020

Article: https://medium.com/@marquisele/the-unbearable-whiteness-and-fatphobia-of-anti-diet-dietitians-f3d07fab717d

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Reacting to r/FATLOGIC (Oh WOW)

ObesetoBeast 37.7K views Thu Sep 17th, 2020

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Therapist TELLS ALL About "Body Positivity" (Hijacked?)

ObesetoBeast 38.1K views Tue Sep 15th, 2020

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Ex Fat Rates YOUR Weight Loss Transformations

ObesetoBeast 27.9K views Tue Sep 15th, 2020

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Jillian Michael's TOP Tips to Lose Weight.... My Thoughts

ObesetoBeast 56.3K views Fri Sep 11th, 2020

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