My Opinion About Diets and Lifestyle Changes


Hello, hope everyone is having a great day!  Just wanted to chat with you a bit about diets and life style changes.

Since I have re-started my Skinny Fiber 90 Day weight Loss challenge, I have been really paying attention to what I eat.  It has occurred to me that after I lost my 40 previous pounds that I have been going back to the old way that I used to live.  That way is eating a lot of processed foods and unhealthy snacks. This is due to stress factors with children, work and just plain keeping everything going smoothly.  But like it is said,”Every action has a complete and opposite consequence.”   So yes I did gain back about 15 unwanted pounds.  Noticing these extra pounds was easy because I just plain did not feel good anymore.  Clothes are uncomfortable and my over all attitude is awful.  So this got me thinking, what do you do after you have completed any diet program?  How do you keep the weight off?  Especially, in times of stressful situations.

Well, this is where you need to really understand and pay close attention to the foods that you eat and their nutritional value.  In my opinion people do not eat well.  We have gotten so far away from eating the fresh healthy vegetables and fruits that our body needs that is not funny.  I think we are killing ourselves with the very thing that should sustain us.  Really, this is our fault and then it is not.  Meaning that time constraints and responsibility really have us thinking backwards.  We are faced constantly with convenience.  I mean really!!  There is a fast food restaurant on every corner and you can even get that processed food at gas stations.  But this food is just empty calories (nothing nutritional about them at all).  They have been so processed that nothing really counts as good nutrition.    So I went off on my journey of educating myself about the foods that I eat.

In a nutshell this is what I came up with.  We have been taught that you should have a big plate of meat and a small amount of vegetables.  When actually we should be doing the opposite.  Our diet should be more plant based.  So when we sit down to eat there should be way more vegetables then meat on our plates.  For instance, tonight I will bake some chicken.  With that chicken I am going to make a salad, green beans, collards and corn.  When I make my plate tonight I will put larger quantities of veggies and half a piece of chicken.  I am going to make it where I am getting 90% plant based foods and 10% protein.    This really makes more sense to me.  Our bodies were built to break down plant based foods easier then protein anyway.

Now this is where the lifestyle changes come into play.  We have to train our brains to think differently.  When I sit down to eat I am going to look at my plate and I say to myself,” Will this make me feel good after I eat?”  I will also make sure to see that I have a larger version of vegetables then meat.  And then I will tell myself I am eating to live not living to eat.

Hope life treats everyone well today