Marsha’s Testimony for Skinny Fiber Weight Loss


And yet another skinny Fiber Testimonial! Here’s Marsha’s Testimony Update & pic…
Long one, but worth the read!

“This is me 120 Days on Skinny Fiber 30 days into my second 90 Day Challenge. I started my first 90 Day Challenge on October 7, 2013 by the end of it I had lost -45 lbs.

Now back to why I started my Journey, back in February of 2013 I started noticing my legs were swollen, then my back started bothering me. I was having so much trouble getting around walking was becoming a nightmare! I Scheduled an appointment with my Doctor, got stuck in some meds they weren’t helping by June I wasn’t getting any better walking and standing was next to impossible, water pills weren’t helping with my legs and they just kept getting bigger! I decided to apply for disability. Mean while my Dr sent me to get an X-ray on my back because I could no longer stand for more than 3 minutes at a time and walking I was having to take sit breaks and would lean or sit on any and everything I could. At this point I hated leaving the house! One it was embarrassing for me being only 35 and not being able to get around and two I had put on so much more weight that I was embarrassed by that two. I mean I starting putting on weight at around 8 after having my tonsils and adenoids taken out, and it never stopped. But I got to one weight and it stayed there I even tried other diet products and they never worked. But it never bothered me like I guess it should have, I could careless what others thought about how I looked. But last year after reaching 371 pounds I hated myself and was afraid it would just keep getting worse. Mid August I found out I had Arthritis of the spine and a pinched nerve under by ribs on the left side of my back. I was sent to see the Disability Dr and at the end of September was denied. OCT 4th I placed my order for Skinny Fiber. Mind you I have been dealing with all this for 8 month’s failed pain meds even one for Arthritis, the Arthritis one made the pain so much worse that it felt like someone was trying to rip out my spine! So back to Skinny Fiber I got it in the mail on Oct 7 and started taking it that day. By Oct 14 I was walking around like nothing ever happened and like nothing was wrong with my back! I woke up that morning took the kids to school and needed to stop at the store, it took me going in and making it back to my car to realize I didn’t stop for one break or feel any pain! So I said to myself no way! So later that day after the kids and my husband came home I told him I needed to go to the store and wanted them to join me. I did my regular grocery shopping, checked out and got to the car and at this point I’m usually drained and in so much pain I crawl in the car and have hubby and the kids load the car. I stood there watching them this time not holding on or leaning on the car but just standing there! After everything was loaded my Daughter looks at me and says “Mom! Why are you still standing there? Then says wait! You didn’t rest one time in the store! are you OK” I laughed and said it took you long enough to notice! I had tears of joy! Needless to say I never appealed for the disability, here it is 120 days later and I feel great! I started out an 8 different meds and just went to the Dr on January 27, 2014 and was knocked down to 3 ! I hadn’t seen him since I started my journey nor did I tell him I was going to. I showed him my first 90 day results and he was so impressed he couldn’t stop asking questions! He even asked where he could get it to prescribe to his other patients! He said all my vitals were normal and took me off most of 5 of my meds. He did blood work and said from the looks of everything else he is betting I’ll be off my cholesterol Med to! That will leave me with two and my skinny fiber! Skinny Fiber has done so much for me! And gave me my life back! I suffered from IBS for years and now no longer have any symptoms and no longer take the meds for it! I was taken two types of blood pressure meds a day for a total of 3 pills and now only take one pill before bedtime for that . I was taking a sleep aid just so I could sleep at night and not even two weeks into skinny fiber I no longer needed them because I was falling right to sleep and sleeping like a baby! Because of my sleep apnea I would wake up with headaches and couldn’t sleep on my back because the headaches would be so much worse. I no longer wake up with headaches and oddly wake up on my back ! Usually I would wake up and turn over. Mainly waking up because I would stop breathing! My Carpal tunnel I was diagnosed with hasn’t bothered me since I started taking Skinny fiber! I’m still having those moments where I’m like “hey wait this or that hasn’t bothered me” and I’m loving it! When I started this journey I hadn’t worn jeans in a few years and the last time I tried on my size 28’s I couldn’t even get them close to buttoning! I went to the store a couple days ago and bought a size 22 and didn’t try them on just said If they don’t fit they soon will, and bought them! I got home and decided to give them a try! Well they fit and aren’t to tight!! So I decided with this 30 day update I’d wear them for my picture!! As of today I’ve lost another 10 lbs bringing my total to -55 lbs lost and -37.5 accumulated inches! I have a ways to go but I’m loving every minute of it I’m still dealing with not really wanting to go see people because I have put so much weight on but I’m working on it! I’m feeling a lot better about myself! As much as I HATE sharing my before picture knowing I may help someone else by doing so makes it worth it and seeing my before and after pictures helps me to share them and my story!

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