Legacy Matrix and Make Money Online

Right NOW is the best time to get started with SBC to secure a TOP placement in the brand new Legacy Matrix!! Here is the Legacy Matrix review and the many reasons to join SBC Business to make money online from home.

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There are so many ways to Earn with SBC:
1. First off is their Fast Start Enroller Bonuses – For each new Preferred Customer or Distributor that purchases any of the life-changing products, that person will earn a 40% commission on their FIRST order.

2. Fast Start Commissions – All Distributors start at 3 levels of commissions for everyone in their organization, and you can earn up to 6 levels of commissions as you advance in rank.

3. Fast Start Coded Infinity Generational Overrides – ON TOP of the 3 to 6 levels of commissions you could earn through our Fast Start Commissions, you can also qualify to get paid on ALL the people who join your Enroller Tree organization…up to infinite levels deep as you advance in rank.

4. Monthly Enroller Bonuses – After the initial order of your personally enrolled Customers and Distributors, you will earn a 10% commission on every additional order they place.

5. Placement Tree Commissions – After the initial order of your new Customer or Distributor, all additional orders each month are paid out through our Placement Tree Commissions. Distributors will be paid up to 10 levels of Placement Tree Commission on their organization as they advance in rank.

6. Infinity Matching Bonuses – On top of the commissions that you can earn in your own organization, you also have the ability to match a percentage of ALL of the commissions that EVERYONE in your organization earns each and every month.

7. Gold Pool – To reward leaders who lead by example and continue to actively enroll new Customers and Distributors, 3% of the Business Volume (BV) on every initial order goes into a pool and is paid out to all Gold Ranked leaders and above who enroll 5 new members (Including Distributors and Preferred Customers) who place a product order in the calendar month.

8. New Legacy Matrix (Optional) – Designed to reward people who are committed to making Skinny Body Care the LAST company they ever have to be involved with, the Legacy Matrix is a once-a-year Bonus exclusively for Distributors who maintain 100bv in Personal Volume each month.

SBC is an awesome company to be affiliated with.  They have very good products that work.   You can learn more about the compensation plan here: