Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, The Starting Line

In this prologue episode to Kris Gethin’s epic training series, he meets his coach, undergoes a barrage of brutal tests, and dips a toe into the world of triathlon training.

Imagine that you were about to throw yourself into an incredibly ambitious challenge, giving yourself about a quarter of the time that most people would need to accomplish it. What would you want to do first?

Kris Gethin had to ask himself that question when he decided to prepare for a full Ironman triathlon in only six months time, rather than the traditional 1 or even 2 years. As well as his first step was clear: Capture sharing savours an specialist instruct who comprehended his vision , and at that time subject himself to every exam that may perhaps help out him troth a further up to date athlete along the way.

That’s accurately what on earth he realizes this , the opportunity occasion of his Human of Iron video installments. Kris’ coach, attained triathlete , ultra-runner , also powerlifter Alex Viada, joins him since he investigation his points in time inside the lab and introduces Kris to the approach of training exercise that will demand his life because the next six months .

This won’t troth simple. Even Kris doesn’t fathom how the account ends further. Other than you may troth damn certain he’s moving to product it a memorable battle.