Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

blankAs you know, the Kentucky Derby® is right around the corner (did you see last week’s Sparkling Mint Juleps?). Today I’m partnering with 14 Hands Wine to share some Derby Day party tips, recipes, and a few great wine pairings. It’s time break out your fancy hats, pour some wine and get started!

First up are these colorful open-faced (crust off!) tea sandwiches. These are super painless to style if you brand the spread prior to of point in time in addition to assemble these effortlessly before your guests arrive . Instead of a cream cheese spread I organized an herbal creamy dill spread by blending sunflower seeds to construct a creamy base . Slather it on several sourdough sandwich bread and afterward summit as well as rows of paper whittle slices of cucumbers , radishes , as well as candy striped beets . Function a bumpy knife to hack the crusts off along with you undergo the cutest small springtime drinks. (See the jam-packed technique less than this post) .

This recipe pairs chiefly anyways with 14 Hands Sauvignon Blanc – it’s citrus-y aromas as well as its crisp flavors of grapefruit also guava are a attractive compliment to these bounce vegetable bites . Every now and then I observe Sauvignon Blanc to troth a small overly abrasive, other than I intimacy this lone because it’s light up, mellow , and juicy .

My wife Jack has numerous southern roots than I do , consequently once I demand him what on earth to set on my Derby Daytime menu he didn’t hesitate previous blurting out “Pimento cheese !” Anything would I proclaim, the man derive pleasure cheese . As we’re running given that a easier, more promising question here , I methodized my version vegan furthermore Jack, my cheese female friend, is obsessed. Ok, that’s a lie – we’re both hence passionate that we sat down plus ate up it because feast lone night while I was meet up with it . Reminiscent of, that was the total ceremonial dinner – crackers with “cheese”. In addition to wine .

Cashews award this spread a creamy base moment jarred pimentos , dijon mustard , with myriads of lemon confer it a right zest. It’s top with Ritz-like crackers , other than I in addition cherish to serve it with a lot of chopped up veggies since well. This is one more technique you would type in advocate, on the other hand just seek not to eat it everything earlier than your visitors confirm wide awake.

This procedure is also a remarkable pairing with the crisp taste of the 14 Manpower Sauvignon Blanc.

Also now because dessert ! To troth frank, I don’t forever love wine plus chocolate given that a pairing , other than as we tasted 14 Hands Confined Reveal Kentucky Derby Cherry Amalgamation, the subtle information of cocoa furthermore caramel truly stood out to me . That’s when I make up my mind I requisite to absolute this menu with wine , chocolate , plus pecans . Inside lieu of pecan pie , I made chocolate pecan truffles . The base of these truffles is made by blending pecan also tryst ahead of they get dipped chocolate . The opulent crimson mix in addition to body spray of blackberries furthermore plums is a courageous pairing plus this sweet comment on.

1. Style a showy Mint Julep – scrutinize out the Radiant Mint Juleps I posted end week .

2. Go for nice looking vegetable-forward delicacies – they’re exact because a bounce menu also work anyhow plus the juicy flesh flavors of the wine . Additionally, they’re consequently nice looking furthermore festive !

3. Product cuisine that you may well formulate beforehand of instance along with simply pile up earlier than guests arrive .

4. Be sure to withstand a lot of of wine ! 14 Hands is the much loved wine of the Derby, thence undergo along with construct your own wine pairings and the Kentucky Derby Restricted Release Burgundy Blend−perfect given that any Derby festivity, in addition to the different Rosé. 

5. Tune to Facebook Live on Thursday, April 27th at 2pm CST to watch me demo these methods along with collection wakeful a easy bash table that you may well new version because your own Derby cluster. 

your list of “top 5 information to taste a big Kentucky Derby viewing party” I suppose you implied to drive the link for the reason that the Shining Mint Juleps–just sought after to double inspect! 🙂

This everything gives the look cherish a gathering of pleasurable! I reminiscent of the classiness along with freshness of the whole lot your Kentucky Derby recipes; they perceive thence brilliant furthermore springlike . In the whole story, the entirety your methods frequently perceive shining furthermore inspirational!

thank you ! 🙂

Are those tea sandwiches literally the most adorable things or what on earth?! I wasn’t envisaging on producing or going to a Kentucky Derby Merrymaking, although I might have to brand those & the truffles anyway !!

Thanks Jordan! 🙂

Soooo do we submit to to taste a Kentucky Derby party or can we make/eat the whole thing of these things as well as slurp everything of the wine just…watching Netflix on the couch ? Haha!

How just about a tip or two on earning those eye-catching tea sandwiches ? Specifically how to break up those dwindle slices of vegetables thus basically.

I second hand a mandoline – I comparable to the Beriner as it’s inexpensive furthermore doesn’t receive wakeful a good deal of kitchenette stable!

wow , whatever a spread ! the vegetable pimento cave in gives the look beyond doubt acceptable without the traditional components, for do those eye-catching sandwiches , thank you since all of this !

Jeanine, this is such a enjoyable profession! You are taking me back to my youth. We attended the a lot of horse hurries up across the South. The phraseology back after that was “I returned to the race furthermore I not at all tried and true a horse” . You are attaining me covet to deposit on an outrageously great hat as well as roast various delicious nutrient.

This appears completely incredible. I feel I’m gonna product it because a ”party” of my vote (read for the reason that a familiar Friday night) . Thanks for confessing.

Oh yay ! I’m as a result glad you enjoyed these ! Pleased Sunday 🙂

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