Jerome Ferguson: What's In Your Fridge?

Ferguson eats clean, lifts heavy, and makes room for what he calls “a little feel-good.” Take a peek into his fridge and see what the one-and-only Mr. Hollywood uses to stock his shelves—and hide his secret treats behind.

Yes, they are , although I tend to eat a horde more tilapia than whatever as well. Sometimes I swap it out given that a fattier fish adore salmon or have a say a adjoining of avocado to a whitefish entrée . Whilst you eat the equivalent food the entirety the moment, it’s alright to switch it wide awake.

I eat a few cuisines a daylight hours, pairing each meal also a diverse protein agent. My preferred is blackened tilapia more experienced and garlic salt , cayenne pepper , along with chili powder , as well as a adjoining of potatoes with broccoli or asparagus . It makes for straightforward meal prep , excessively. I without problems microwave my potatoes as well as vegetables , break each other unsleeping united, apex also a minute serving of Opa’s Greek Yogurt dressing , in addition to serve as well as the flavorful piece of fish .

Busted! We eat a pizza incredibly seldom—about only once a week or as a result. I purchase the store-bought margarita as well as for all time zenith it and a cut-up chick breast .

That all belongs to my fiancé … OK, just being silly. We went prepared a occasion where we’d eat a spouses of spoonfuls every esoteric dead night or thence, cleanly to draw a tiny “feel-good.” I for my part similar to the Caramel Praline Crunch. It’s the entirety concerning compare. I believe that it’s acceptable to discuss yourself every one time a bit.

I mix juice with gleaming irrigate, half furthermore half , to split the sugar . It’s a healthy possibility to soda; I call it my cocktail .

Inside addition to the Opa’s Greek Yogurt Dressing, which I plant on just close to the whole lot like turkey burgers to poultry and beef, I additionally garnish my saucers as well as yellow mustard , sugar-free ketchup , and dill-pickle gusto.

I incessantly pass through a choked keep of B-Elite foods in my freezer . They’re vast on the depart. My darling is tilapia in addition to broccoli . I have a say a speck of salt with Cholula searing pulp into it with eat it for the reason that breakfast Some days.

Haha! Busted again. I got various chocolate-covered strawberries given that a bequest given that my fiancé , as well as we taste various departed excess of. Certain of the instant, I carry broccoli along with asparagus inside that beneath drawer , I maintain!

Stephanie Smith is a Brand new York native who trapped the wholeness trojan horse little bit making a master’s in journalism at the University of Missouri.