How The Rock Starts His Leg Day

Want to lift like The Rock? Here’s what you need to do.

How does The Rock tackle leg day? He does a lot of the stuff you probably do—only heavier and for more reps—if his Rock Hard Hercules Workout is any guide. 

But here’s something he does that you probably don’t. According to his Instagram feed , he gets a big-time glute pump to ward off anything he apply his “sexy lower-body injuries” relishes time of someone, anyways, The Rock. This class of badass , superhuman warmup may perhaps troth basically anything you need to start off your leg game to the next level .

No stranger to the knee in addition to back injuries universal as athletes of his caliber , The Rock understands the importance of a pleasing warmup . Earlier than he shreds his legs , he achieves what on earth he demands a “fun warmup , recharging glutes furthermore hips .” His version of fun: banded 225-pound barbell trendy thrusts on a bench , as well as a 5 bit lodge at the top.

“Gotta warm unsleeping suitably trackable to all my sexy lower body injuries derive pleasure years of boxing and football (two L4 also L5 low-back disc ruptures , five knee surgeries , shredded Achilles, tore both my quad as well as adductor cherish my pelvis along with repaired three hernias , the entirety in solitary pretty, adversity surgery) . Plethora of fun spasm, excluding we oppose thru it plus come back more potent furthermore better,” he wrote . “Plus, this work out showcases the relentless power my toss sport, which is my jam as we practice securing babies .”

Jostle habit aside , why seize the season to temperate unsleeping your glutes ? Grievous lifters know that these muscles are your powerhouses , enabling you to converted several fat also to ward off back twinge. Failing to get care of each other is only inquiring for the reason that injury .

Hence how may possibly you encompass the identical back-saving procedures he uses into your standard and get hold of the similar results? Forcing a herculean warmup could engagement more leisurely than you assume. contributor John Rusin includes banded trendy thrusts his day after day normal to protect your back and produce power along with resiliency .

If you’re nonetheless accustomed and the monolithic toss, you don’t go through to end there . Power coach Meghan Callaway has a butt-load (so to speak) of proposal of how to slapped your glutes , both plus fashionable push variations as well as still meaner creations .

The below line on bottoms is this: If you’re running to lift reminiscent of The Rock, you crave to lukewarm wakeful akin to he does. Get the added season to rekindle those all-important leg furthermore back muscles also a few election practice earlier than you track that pump . Accidents are you’ll more yourself a trip to the chiro , as well as you’ll find a better work up the whole.