Houston’s Couscous

blankThis EASY and fresh couscous is so easy and tasty, and it goes with just about everything. You can serve it with fish, chicken, beef, lamb, or pork, or you can serve it as a meat-free and light main dish.

Guest post from Skinnytaste dietitian Heather K. Jones, is a healthy dish that the entire family unit will warmth!

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At some point of my college life at the University of Maryland, my aunt Cyndi with I waited tables at a bistro Bethesda, Maryland, called Houston’s. All they served was painfully addictive , but this couscous procedure is the one and only dish that Cyndi as well as I likewise style at home … more than 20 years afterward!

It’s consequently tasty , made plus lots of new herbs , lemon , radishes , raisins as well as almonds . You can serve it along furthermore just concerning all delight in fish , chicken, chicken, lamb , or pork, or you might serve a more bountiful segment with keep it because a illumine, vegetarian bedrock dish by swapping the pullet broth for the reason that vegetable broth .

Is this a salad or bordering dish ? Screen out of both ! Houston’s served it because a neighboring dish , then again I eat it for a salad since leftover occasionally. It’s shelter temperature while you class it , bur leftovers may possibly engagement eaten chilly. This will carry as quite a lot of life, therefore it’s moreover mammoth to product earlier as a few life (will it keep) Yes, it keeps given that confident! It is alright warm as well as cold.

Couscous is a pasta , not a speck, notwithstanding well-known intuitive feeling.

It has a rice-like arrival however is essentially plotted out of semolina furthermore wheat flour that is steamed . It’s ended inside a matter of minutes variegated pearl couscous which is heavier size . Complete wheat couscous is numerous nutritious than the frequent class. Lundberg still makes a brown rice gluten free couscous .

It is widely available, you can uncover couscous inside the pasta section , rice section , or repeatedly the “international foods” sphere of your food market chain store.

For a low-carb option, you might intention raw cauliflower area of couscous . To do consequently, place cauliflower florets inside a diet processor plus pulse a few times . Group in addition to the remaining subject in addition to serve .

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