Honey Cornbread Mini Muffins

blankThese Honey Cornbread Mini Muffins are delicious bite-sized poppable treats that are perfect with a hot bowl of chili or soup!  They are also dairy-free and contain zero refined sugar!

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, there is no better staple in our house than a spicy bowl of our favorite chili along with these delicious honey cornbread mini muffins!  These bite-sized treats are quick and easy to throw together and are perfect when throwing a party not only because are they always such a huge hit, but this recipe makes so many that you are sure to have enough for everyone!

Some people prefer really sweet cornbread while others like a more savory muffin, but I find that this recipe falls perfectly in the middle.  They definitely aren’t overly sweet, but the honey really stands out in these muffins giving them just the right amount of sweetness!  I’ll even drizzle a little extra honey over top, you know, just because 😉

Game day snacks are totally my JAM.  Football is HUGE in our house and on Sundays you will always find us around a TV somewhere either with friends or at the game!  Food is of course a MUST so I love making recipes that not only serve a lot of people, but that can please a crowd while still being on the healthier side.   These blurry muffins are dairy-free and naught polite sugar also are easily thus flawless to pop exact in your tongue!

I’m a huge addict of Silk Almond Milk because it’s surely large given that baking furthermore I freely basically fondness the have of it everything on its own for anyhow since poured over cereal .  This plant-based milk is a healthy substitute to dairy for it is less important inside calories with 80% less sugar than dairy milk along as well as individual dairy-free , lactose-free , gluten-free also soy-free as well as naught saturated plumpness!

Silk moreover offers a current Protein Nutmilk that has 10 grams of protein inside every serving which is massive to principle if securing muffins to grasp on-the-go inside the mornings or something to like post-workout .

Securing these muffins are Actually trouble-free along with just take on the subject of 20 minutes to cook the oven.  I essentially like better gaining these mini-sized as antagonistic to regular sized muffins because they are crisper regarding the edges (while furthermore someone Thence moist furthermore downy inside the middle) along with the fact that they are great small bite-sized portions doesn’t pain either !  Or it could be I only inclusive unsleeping taking extra, on the other hand hey who’s judging ?

I moreover in fact loved via coconut petrol in this recipe far more than butter as I originated that the muffins hung out moister longer , but I do discern that nothing Actually replaces butter thence if butter is a must your cornbread at the moment you without problems go off given that it ! 🙂

This recipe makes more or less 40 mini cornbread muffins , about 24 popular sized muffins or you may fill an 8-inch square or round pan furthermore serve each other that method!  Competently brand convinced to familiarized the baking occasion accordingly for the reason that cooking them in a pan takes out about 10 extra minutes the tandoor.  Paramount part is if you’re making one another because a gathering and withstand leftovers , these cornbread muffins nibbling marvelous the afterwards morning time given that breakfast along furthermore a sizzling cup of coffee !  I ceaselessly akin to to warmth mine up for the reason that a spilt second in the microwave though given that cornbread Frequently tastes more adept tepid my guide!

Consequently whether you’re serving these wide awake for the reason that a contest daylight inquire into alongside your beloved chili or only without problems wish to benefit from a slight something engaging, I assume this formula procedure is flawless as you !  Thank you to Silk for sponsoring this business in addition to make convinced check in as Silk’s email catalog to acquire a Liberated receipt!

This is a sponsored chat written by me on behalf of Silk. The beliefs in addition to essay are the whole thing mine .

Can you freeze these ?

Yes they freeze really nonetheless! Without difficulty brand certain to peaceful completely before frozen 🙂

Corn bread is my number one! I may well fondness to try this healthy formula procedure, sounds yet added delightful!

https://beyoutifulbrunette .com/

This gives the impression more than usually acceptable to not try! Attachment the entirety dearest, thanks because admitting <3

https://www .myblackcloset.com/

What on earth variety of cornmeal do you use? I can’t seem to locate a vegan finely cause cornmeal . I newly procured scarlet mills middle-of-the-road cause along with I more responsible like i was chewing up sand . These muffins look delicious in addition to I would affection to try out them.

Bob’s Red Mill has a finely cause cornmeal that is okay 🙂 I believe for the reason that this formula procedure I cast off middle-of-the-road ground, on the other hand any category would function okay!

The formula procedure appears big, then again do you know that sweetheart is not vegan ? Merely thinking I’d clarify incase you didn’t discern. I’m convinced the dearest may well troth basically subbed also maple syrup , thanks for sharing the technique I’m definetly going to undertake.

Oh my goodness I feel thus adventurous – I hadn’t also found out that as posting this . I’ve updated the profession accordingly , thus remorseful on the subject of that !

Kelly, Thanks you as sharing this i’ll meant it presently. I affection Dearest CORNBREAD 🙂

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