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9 Diet Tips to Bulk Up FASTER

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These are the 9 best diet-related tips and tricks to bulk up fast. If you're a skinny guy trying to build muscle this video will help you understand what foods to eat and how much of them to eat to gain muscle mass faster. You can experience muscle-building progress on a weekly basis if you're following the right diet designed to build muscle without gaining fat.

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Building muscle and Bulking up is something that I personally struggled with and spent a lot of time working on. And if there's one thing that you'll learn pretty quickly about packing on size it's the fact that it's much harder than most people think. very few people anticipate just how difficult sticking to a proper bulking diet plan can be. And without following the right diet guidelines it doesn't matter how hard you're working out you're just going to be spinning your wheels wasting your time. So I have 9 unique tips for those of you that are looking to consistently pack on muscle and bulk up faster. 
And the very first tip is to get used to feeling stuffed in the same way that you would have to accept sometimes feeling hungry if you were cutting calories. Now I know this may not sound very complex but I would say that this is the number one reason that will prevent most people from bulking up. Most people stop eating when they start feeling full. If they're still full a few hours later when they're supposed to eat a meal they'll just skip that meal. This would be equivalent to following a fat loss plan where every time you got hungry you would just add a meal. Obviously, that would knock you out of your calorie deficit and prevent fat loss. So the point is that if you want to bulk up and you want to do it fast you will have to get used to the discomfort that comes with eating when you truly just don't want to eat anymore. And there's really no way around that stuffed feeling if you're creating your calorie surplus with the right foods. So what I mean by that, is anyone can just add a bunch of sugar to their diet and jack up their calories. But if you're following a proper bulking plan, instead of having your carbs come from sugar your carbs are going to be coming from things like brown rice sweet potatoes yams, and oatmeal. All of these carbohydrate sources contain far more muscle-building nutrients than something like sugar but they're also all much more filling. So taking in 300 to 400 grams of carbs per day is actually very challenging when you're doing it with healthy muscle building carbohydrates sources and that's why there's really no way around feeling stuffed and you have to actually accept that and grind through the unpleasant feelings that come with feeling stuffed if you want to consistently continue bulking.
And since we're talking about carbs another thing you should do is drastically increase your carb consumption. Protein gets almost all the credit when it comes to building muscle,, but carbs are almost equally as important because to build anything especially muscle it requires a lot of energy.. unfortunately, a lot of people are either afraid of carbs or they just don't realize how many carbohydrates it takes to bulk up. You don't one of these people because There are many advantages to having a high carb diet when bulking. First of all, it'll increase your strength and power output during your weight lifting sessions. Weight lifting is considered an anaerobic activity. And the anaerobic energy pathway is primarily driven by glycogen which is then broken down and stored form of carbohydrates. So eating more carbs will help you lift heavier weights which will lead to more muscle growth. The other benefit of a high carb diet is that it has a protein-sparing effect. This is important because You want the protein that you're eating throughout the day to be used to rebuild and grow you're broken down muscles. You don't want your body using that protein for energy and having a high carb diet helps you stay in an anabolic muscle building mode by using carbs to supply your body the energy it needs while sparing protein so it can be used to build muscle. A moderate to high carb diet will also positively effect muscle-building hormones like testosterone and reduce hormones that prevent muscle growth like cortisol. So bottom makes sure you're eating enough carbs, this can range from 4 to 7 grams of carbs per kilogram ...


1. "Protein ingestion before sleep represents an effective dietary strategy to augment muscle mass and strength gains during resistance exercise training in young men"  

2. "Recent evidence suggests that whole-food protein sources may contain micronutrients that can further augment the MPS response"

5 Reasons to Train Full-Body Everyday

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 150.8K views Sun Sep 13th, 2020

Training Full Body every day comes with many benefits. Discover the 5 reasons why you should consider training your whole body 5 times a week to build more muscle, strength, size, and to recover faster.

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If your routine looks something like chest and back one day, legs the next day, and arms and abs the following day then you're following a split routine, and split training is one of the most common ways to set up a weight training routine. Even though it can be set up a number of different ways the point is always to separate training sessions in a way in which each session targets a particular body part or a group of similar body parts. While split training can be set up in a way to produce some really great results, full-body training is often forgotten about or just left out because most people think that you can't get great results from a full-body routine. However, this couldn't be further from the truth so today I want to explain how training your entire body every day can get you even faster results, and at the end of the video, I'll show you exactly how to set up an amazing full-body routine for yourself starting today. So the first advantage of training full body every day is that you can get much more training volume. To put it simply training volume refers to the total amount of work you do. You can define training volume a couple in different ways but the most useful way is to base it on the number of sets you perform per muscle group. So, what's the advantage of doing more sets. Well, beginner lifters generally can make optimal gains by doing just nine to ten sets per muscle group per week. So, they can get away with a low training frequency n which they train each muscle just once or twice per week. But if you’re more advanced, you’ll need a higher training volume to continue making optimal gains. This is due to a number of reasons, including the fact that people that are more advanced are more resistant to muscle damage and neuromuscular fatigue and they recover faster from their workouts than they used to when they were beginners. Interestingly enough, research shows a very close link between training volume and muscle growth in advanced trainees. A meta-analysis found a dose-response relationship between training volume and hypertrophy. This means the more sets the participants did, the more muscle they gained.(1) Similar results were found in an eight-week study in which participants did either one, three, or five sets per exercise. (2) And the results, once again showed that there was a dose-response relationship. Higher training volumes consistently led to more muscle growth. The researchers even concluded that “muscle hypertrophy follows a dose-response relationship, with increasingly greater gains achieved with higher training volumes.”(3) So, by using a higher training frequency like you would if you were doing five full-body workouts per week, you’ll be able to do more volume per muscle, which should promote muscle growth. now, of course, training more and more doesn't always lead to better results. In fact, there's a point where performing too many sets can lead to overtraining where your results will start diminishing. But that's the 2nd awesome benefit of full-body workouts, you won't exceed what's known as the maximum effective volume per workout. And according to The academic literature as a whole, it indicates that the maximum effective training volume is around nine sets per muscle group per workout.(4) Once you overreach that number, you'll start to see inferior muscle growth. For example, a study on German Volume Training found that better strength and size gains were achieved by performing nine sets per muscle per workout compared to fourteen sets per muscle per workout.(5) Another study found that the optimal training volume is only five to ten sets per muscle per workout and Groups doing fifteen and twenty sets per muscle achieved inferior muscle and strength gains.(6) So the bottom line is that you don’t want to do too many sets per muscle per workout. So, the great thing about high-frequency training is that you can divide your regular training volume over more workouts, which helps prevent you from exceeding the maximum effective volume per workout threshold. So to put this into perspective, let’s say that you want to do thirty sets per muscle per week. Which by the way is a very decent training volume, but let’s use this number for illustrational purposes. Since the maximum effective volume is around nine sets per muscle group per workout, that means you would have to do at least four workouts per muscle to make sure...

11 Most Filling Foods for Weight Loss

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 127.6K views Sun Sep 6th, 2020

These are the 11 most filling foods for weight loss. if you want to lose weight & burn belly fat, it's very important that you are following the right weight loss diet guidelines. Find out what meal plan and what foods are best to eat and which ones are best to avoid when trying to burn fat fast. 

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burning fat and getting lean is really just the beginning. According to research over 90 percent of people that lose a lot of weight eventually regain every last pound they lost. and if you don't want to end up like one of these unfortunate people you should know that the long term outcome is largely determined by how easily you're able to stick to your diet plan. The harder than it is for you to follow a diet the less chance you have at being able to maintain the results long term. and the two factors that determine how easy a diet is to stick to are how satiating and satisfying the diet is. to break that down further the only way to feel full and satisfied is by eating a diet with a higher food volume. These high volume foods naturally stretch your stomach out helping you feel full without restricting while costing a minimal amount of calories. this makes dieting easy and sustainable, so today I want to go over 11 of the most filling foods for effortless weight loss. 
starting first with watermelon. now the fruit is something that many people limit when they're on a diet because they're afraid of the simple sugars that most fruits contain. however, other than eating vegetables, fruit is some of the least calorically dense food available to eat. and this is especially true with watermelon. over 90 percent of watermelon is made up of water. this is why you can eat a whole cup of watermelon and only take in around 30 to 40 calories. This will really help fill up your stomach and reduce your appetite naturally. watermelon is also one of the best natural sources of l citrulline which is an amino acid that's converted inside the body into L arginine. and this leads to the production of nitric oxide, and nitric oxide helps improve many things like blood flow, exercise performance, energy levels, and post-workout muscle soreness.
Another great option that helps fill you up if you don't mind spicy foods is hot peppers and also the hot sauce that they're used to make. This is because hot peppers are rich in capsaicin which has been shown to not only speed up metabolism but also prevent future overeating. And there are a number of studies that show that hot peppers do in fact reduce appetite. For example in one study they had two groups eat the same exact entree with one difference. One group at the entree with a small number of hot peppers and the other group had salsa instead. And the group that had the hot peppers ended up consuming 200 calories less in their next meal. Another similar study had two groups, one eating red peppers with their meal, and the other eating the same meal except without the red peppers. Afterward, they were allowed to eat as much pizza as they wanted and the group that had the red peppers beforehand ate significantly less pizza. Since tabasco sauce and hot sauces are very low in calories feel free to add these sauces as well as actual peppers to your meals.
next, let's move on to a carbohydrate that I know many you try to avoid when your goal is to burn fat... potatoes. Potatoes have been blamed in the past for causing weight gain. however, this has a lot more to do with the way that potatoes are served rather than the potato itself. when you add a lot of butter and milk or maybe even cream cheese to mashed potatoes and then you top it off with gravy you'll most likely add hundreds of extra calories that do nothing to help fill you up. the same can be said if you fry, or cook your potatoes in a lot of oil. however, if you grill, oven- bake or boil a potato you get one of the most filling starchy carbohydrates out there. In fact, overall potatoes rank at the very top of the satiety index, which simply means that they're extremely filling. especially if you eat the whole potato with the skin since the skin contains a ton of filling fiber. when potatoes are cooked the right way they contain anywhere from one third to half the calories of most other grain products when compared in terms of food volume. 100 grams of potatoes have about 75 calories meanwhile 100 grams of rice has 130 calories.

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The #1 Easiest Way to Lose Belly Fat (GUARANTEED)

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 220.4K views Sat Aug 29th, 2020

This is the #1 Easiest Way to lose weight & belly fat fast. This Ad libitum plan doesn't require strict dieting, counting calories, or crazy amounts of exercise. Learn how to burn fat and reduce your waistline by choosing the best fat burning foods to reduce hunger.

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If you're serious about losing belly fat I bet you've already started cutting your calories or you're about to start. And even though you can restrict your calories and track every last gram of food that goes into your mouth to eventually burn the fat from all over your body including your midsection, the truth is that tracking and restricting calories can be incredibly difficult to sustain over time. of course, this doesn't change the very well known fact that to lose weight and belly fat, you have to be in a calorie deficit. (1) This is the whole reason why so many trainers have their clients count calories, to begin with. and counting calories can definitely help you reduce the size of your waist because it'll help you ensure that you are in fact in a calorie deficit at all times.

However, many people may not want to count calories for the rest of their lives and there's a huge portion of people that simply don't have the time or desire to do it at all. on top of that even if someone's great at counting calories in the beginning, within a matter of weeks or months chances are very high that they're no longer tracking their calories and macros anymore. and even if you do track everything, calorie counting doesn't inherently make dieting easier. You'll still struggle with hunger cravings that'll make it very difficult to stay on track as time goes on. 

However, the good news is that you don't "have" to count calories to lose weight. even though it can be very beneficial for some people there is another way, an easier way. and that's something known as an optimized ad libitum diet. and for many of you, I'm sure you're wondering What is an ad libitum diet? Well, Ad libitum is Latin for "as you desire" or "at one's pleasure." In other words, ad libitum dieting means you can eat as much food as you want. I know it might sound crazy but stick with me. So, you don't track your macros, but instead, you eat based on hunger.  

Now, given the fact that you must be in a calorie deficit to lose weight, it may seem impossible to reduce your belly fat and get slim without focusing on your caloric intake. But that's not true.

By following a set of guidelines, most people can lose belly fat without tracking calories, and without experiencing constant hunger. and you do that by eating foods that are highly satiating. In other words, you want to follow a high-satiety meal plan. and Here’s why; We can view appetite as something that's more or less genetically fixed. You may have a big appetite. You may have a small appetite. Or, like most people, you probably fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. Now, imagine your appetite as a tank and pretend that to fill your tank you need to fill it with 100 units of food per day. Each food you eat fills a certain amount of that appetite tank, and some foods fill the tank more than others. Now, Once you've reached those 100 units, you'll feel full and satisfied. But if you don't reach that amount, you're going to feel hungry and you'll want to eat more. The beauty of all of this is that different foods have different satiety values. In other words, some foods satiate hunger better per calories supplied than others. If you only eat foods that score high on the satiety index, which is a ranking of the most satiating foods, if you were to only do that you would reach that 100-unit mark of fullness earlier than if you were to consume low satiety foods. That’s why a high-satiety diet causes you to consume fewer calories while a low-satiety diet promotes overeating.

For example, here's a reference from a study that shows the satiety value of 38 foods. One thing the study found is that potatoes are seven times more satiating than croissants. (3) So even though both potatoes and croissants are relatively fast-digesting carbohydrates you're going to feel a lot fuller eating potatoes over croissants. so, when you place people on an ad libitum diet, their aim is to eat based on food volume. Let's say for example they're choosing between having 4 ounces of pasta, rice, or potatoes. (4) Since potatoes have anywhere from one-third to half the amount of calories that are found in most grain products, they can provide an easy way to reduce your calories without impacting hunger.

We can find the exact opposite with sugar which has almost no effect on satiety at all.

8 MEAL Plan Tips to Burn Fat FASTER

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 86.1K views Sun Aug 16th, 2020

Discover the 8 Best Meal Plan Hacks for faster fat loss and weight loss. By following these diet planning tips you'll be able to burn fat, lose inches of belly fat, and stay lean. Learn everything you need to know about how to meal prep in a way that speeds up fat loss. This strategy will teach you how to find the ideal fat burning foods and how to incorporate them into your diet in a way in which you get faster results.

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Everyone wants to burn fat faster. That's why billions of dollars have been generated promoting fat burning supplements like metabolic boosters, carb blockers, and raspberry ketones as well as all kinds of magical creams, potions, and powders, that have claimed to enhance fat loss. However, the truth is that without changing your diet and your daily habits none of these products will work. Instead, there are some very simple changes that you can make starting today that can significantly help you speed up the fat loss process without wasting money on useless and many times unhealthy fat burning supplements. So today I want to give you guys 8 simple meal planning tips that'll help you lose fat faster. And the first tip is to start carb cycling. Now carb cycling is a powerful dieting method that is still used by many bodybuilders and fitness models to get really lean and defined, but even though it works great for some people and can even help certain individuals burn fat faster you should make sure that it's something that'll fit well with you and your preferences. It involves planned spikes and drops in your daily carbohydrate intake. Even though there are many ways to cycle your carbs for the most part most plans will include a higher carb day, a lower carb day, and maybe even a no-carb day. Typically on your high carb days, you would have anywhere from 2 to 2.5 grams of carbs for every pound you weigh. Then on your low carb days, you would have around 1 gram of carbs for every pound you weigh. And finally, on your no carb day, you would do your best to have as close to zero carbs as possible or you could take a little more of a forgiving approach where you would simply ensure that you're not exceeding 50 grams of carbs for the day. Each of these days would provide certain benefits, for example, your high carb days would help replenish your glycogen stores allowing you to lift heavier and perform better at your workouts which could ultimately help you preserve more muscle mass as you get leaner. to take full advantage of your higher carb days you would want to position them on your heavy high-intensity workout days because that'll allow you to maximize protein synthesis when you need it most. high carb days will also positively affect many of the metabolic boosting and muscle building hormones like testosterone for example. meanwhile, on the lower carb days and the no-carb days, you'll be burning more fat since less glycogen will be available for energy. Now as you diet for longer you would slowly add on more low and no carb days to continue burning fat as you lose weight and your metabolism adapts. so originally you might just start by switching from high to low every other day. then you'll add in a no-carb day, so it'll be high, low, no, and repeat. then 2 weeks later you might bump it up to high, low, low, no. and 2 weeks after that to high, no, low, no. continuously adding in more low and no carb days will help you burn fat faster, but keep in mind if you don't balance your calories properly throughout the if for example, you eat an insane amount of carbs on your high carb days you can wind up slowing fat loss instead of speeding it up, so remember that. and that's why the second tip is to constantly re-evaluate your calorie deficit. all too often people will start a diet plan and see the first 5 pounds fly off the scale and they'll feel great, only to discover that a few weeks in, they're not losing any more weight at all. This is because yes you do typically lose more weight in the beginning, but it's also because the diet plan that you created 3 weeks ago may no longer even put you into a calorie deficit a few weeks later, especially if you lose a lot of weight in the beginning. you have to understand that if you use a macro calculator like the one on my website and you plugin 200 pounds versus 190 pounds it'll give you two completely different diet recommendations for how many calories, carbs, fat,s and proteins you should be eating per day to burn fat. That's because losing even 5 or 10 pounds will wind up costing your body significantly fewer calories as you go about your day. imagine how much extra calories you would burn if you carried a 10-pound dumbbell everywhere you went.

8 NEW Bicep Exercises (You've Never Done!)

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 496K views Sun Aug 9th, 2020

Learn 8 New bicep exercises that you've never done before. Some of these bicep building exercises have been around for a while but they've nearly been forgotten. If you want to get bigger arms fast this bicep workout can help you get the size, shape, width, and strength that you're looking for. You can even do some of the peak developing exercises at home especially if you have a pair of dumbbells.

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If you're trying to grow your biceps your probably already doing plenty of the traditional bicep exercises like Barbell curls, preacher curls, and concentration curls. Even though these are some of the best bicep exercises that you can do, if you're not switching it up and incorporating some of the other less common exercises you'll be missing out on the opportunity to stimulate your biceps in a new way that they're not used to yet and by doing that you'll be leaving a lot on the table in terms of growth. Instead By hitting your biceps from different angles with unique challenging exercises that can help you optimally develop both biceps heads so that your arms look fuller and thicker in no time. And of course, changing up your bicep workouts always makes things more interesting for you as well, so let's start with the first amazing exercise which is the barbell drag curl.
Now right away the drag curl has some unique advantages over regular curling exercises. You see with regular barbell bicep curls you wind-up incorporating the front part of your shoulder into the movement. This happens even if you have good form and it's especially true if you have bad form. With the drag curl, on the other hand, you take the front deltoids out and shift the tension almost entirely onto the biceps and specifically you'll be targeting the long head of the biceps more helping you develop that peak. So to perform drag curls you're going to start by standing straight up with your arms down and your elbows extended while holding a barbell in your hands with a grip that's about shoulder width apart or a little wider. Then you're going to curl the barbell up towards your upper chest but instead of curling a straight up like you would with a regular barbell bicep curl you're going to pull your elbows back and drag the bar as close as you can to your body the whole time. As you do this make sure that your elbows are tight to your sides rather than flaring out and when you get to the top slowly lower back down while still keeping the bar as close to you as possible. Then repeat for reps. Keep in mind that this exercise is a lot more challenging than a regular curl so you will definitely have to use a lot less weight then what you normally would use for regular barbell curls. And also if your wrists bother you when performing this exercise, you can also use an EZ bar instead and It'll allow you to take a much more comfortable grip.
Moving on to the next one we have the cable preacher curl. Now its no secret that the regular preacher curl is one of the best exercises that you can do for your biceps. It locks your elbows in place and prevents you from cheating and using momentum. But by performing preacher curls on a cable crossover, you'll get all the benefits of the regular preacher curl with the addition of constant tension on your biceps throughout the whole range of motion. You see with the traditonal preacher curl the tension decreases as you get closer to the top of each rep, on the other hand with the cables you'll keep constant tension the whole time even if you try to rest at the very top. So to begin you'll want to lower the pulley to the bottom of a cable cross and attach an ezbar or a straight bar to it. then take a wide grip, Stand straight up, and take a few steps back. Next you'll squat down and place the lower part of your triceps over your knees. So your elbows should be a little past your knees and your arms should be extended. Before beginning make sure you lean slightly backwards to prevent the weight from pulling you off balance as you perform your reps. then just like you would with regular preacher curls you'll curl the weight up towards your collar bones and then slowly lower back down before repeating for reps. As opposed to the drag curls that target the long head, these preacher curls target the short head of the bicep on the outside of your arm. 

Another excellent bicep exercise that you're probably not doing is the dumbbell waiter curl. This is by far one of the best unorthodox exercises develop the long head of the biceps and build taller bicep Peaks. To begin you'll grab just one dumbbell with both hands around the plate on one end. Your hands should be in a supinated position....

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