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19 Best Snacks for Muscle Growth

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Here are 19 of the BEST Snacks for building muscle. Learn exactly what to eat to build muscle and bulk up. These low-calorie high protein foods will help you stay ripped and also will help you lose fat. If you want to find the best bodybuilding snacks for muscle growth and for cutting, watch this video.

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Eating the right things to build muscle can be pretty challenging to do day in and day out. Sure in the beginning you might be okay with eating the same 5 or 6 high protein meals on rotation, but at some point, you're going to get sick of constantly eating the same things and in general, you're going to have cravings for things like snacks that are crunchy or sweet. On top of that some days you're just not going to have enough time to meal prep. And the good news is you can satisfy both your cravings and a busy schedule, while still building muscle just by having a few of the high-protein snacks in your kitchen, that I'm about to go over.

And the first one is a very simple long-time bodybuilding favorite, string cheese. When choosing which string cheese to get you to have the option of light, which is usually made partially with skim milk or you can choose regular string cheese that's made with whole milk. And the difference is that regular string cheese, has about 80 calories, with 6 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fat, meanwhile light string cheese only has 50 calories, the same 6 grams of protein, but only 2.5 grams of fat. Really either of these snacks is fine, but if you're trying to stay really lean while gaining muscle, you can save almost half the calories by going with light string cheese, or you can have 2 light string cheese's sticks, for pretty much the same calories that one regular string cheese stick would have, except you'll be taking in 12 grams of protein. And unlike many other light products, if you get a good brand, light string cheese can actually taste just as good as regular string cheese.

Next is a sweet snack that can help you destroy your cravings for dessert, and the nutrient profile is something that is pretty good for someone trying to bulk up. I'm talking about quest cookies. Quest is a company that's known for making protein bars that taste delicious. And they definitely don't disappoint when it comes to their cookies. 1 Quest chocolate chip cookie has 15 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar. However, it is high in fat and fiber, so just one cookie will add 250 calories. That's why this snack is a lot better for someone that isn't trying to do a lean bulk, although you can definitely fit 250 calories into your plan while still staying lean. In either case, this can be a great high protein option compared to a regular cookie, which at this size would have almost 300 calories, over 20 grams of sugar, and only 3 grams of protein,
Another one of quests snacks that happen to be crunchy instead of sweet is their flavored tortilla chips. And these have a much friendlier macronutrient profile for staying lean. They also taste really good... Looking at one of the varieties, spicy & sweet, we see that 1 bag or 32 grams of quest chips provides 140 calories with a whopping 19 grams of protein, only 5 grams of carbs, and 4.5 grams of fat. When we compare that to Doritos spicy and sweet chili chips, we can see that for a smaller serving of the Doritos, we still end up with 140 calories, but out of those calories, only 2 grams are made up of protein, instead of 19 like the quest chips. Most of the calories come from the 18 grams of carbohydrates, and 7 grams of fat per serving.

Now instead of buying pre-packaged quest chips, you can make your own high-protein chips with parmesan cheese or you can buy them as well. For example, whisps parmesan cheese crisps contain 13 grams of protein, 10 grams of fat, and only 1 gram of carbohydrates. But like I said if you have parmesan cheese at home, and you want to make these on your own it's very easy. You would simply take 1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese and place it flat on parchment paper or a non-stick oven pan and you do this over and over again to make multip parmesan cheese crisps. Then preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook them for about three to five minutes or until they become golden brown and crispy.
Another option if you like cheese doodles, and cheese puffs, is twin peaks keto-friendly protein puffs. Now this company really nailed the macros on this snack. 1 cup will provide 130 calories, with an insane 21 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, and only 2 grams of carbs. With this kind of macronutrient profile, you can't really go wrong in terms of providing your body the protein it needs to build muscle without many extra calories. The issue is that even though many people like these protein puffs, myself included, the issue is that reviews are mixed. Some people like them some people hate them, so it's up...

10 Things NO ONE TELLS YOU About ABS

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This is what the fitness industry doesn't tell you about getting 6-Pack ABS. If you want to learn how to get abs properly and you want to avoid common 6 pack abs workout and exercise mistakes to avoid, then this video will help. Find out if your genetics allow for a 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack, or 10 pack abs.

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Looking at fitness ads, we see abs everywhere. And the impression is always the same if you want to be happy, you want to be attractive, or even if you just want to be perceived as a fit person you're told that you're going to need a set of abs. And not just any abs, you're going to need chiseled 6 packs abs, and an 8 pack would be even better, but 6 minimum. And you're told over and over again that it's achievable for anyone, but how true are these promises really? Well turns out there are a lot of things about getting and maintaining abs that you probably don't know because no one really talks about it. So today I want to paint a very realistic picture that's based on research, so you can walk away with a better understanding of what's achievable for you and what needs to be done to get that six-pack. 

And right off the bat, I'm going to tell you something that 99 percent of the fitness industry likes to sweep under the rug, and that's the fact that your genetics have a huge influence on what your abs will ultimately look like. If you browse through a fitness magazine or you visit a bodybuilding website, I can guarantee that you'll find an article, supplement, or program that claims that you can get abs like Brad Pitt from Fight Club by taking a pill or following a super special diet and workout plan. The truth, however, is that even though we're all capable of losing fat and developing our abdominal muscles, what they'll actually look like is highly influenced by our genetics. You see, what most people refer to as a six-pack is actually one muscle known as the rectus abdominus. This one muscle appears to be multiple muscles because it's segmented into separate sections by fibrous bands called tendinous inscriptions. And the number of bands dividing the blocks of abs, can vary, usually from 3 to 5, (22) but it can be more or less. And if you're born with fewer bands, or even less pronounced bands, then an 8 or a 6 pack, can literally be physically impossible for you to achieve without surgery. To drive the point home further these tendinous inscriptions come in all different thicknesses, sizes, and even in lopsided arrangements. This is why some people have less symmetrical abs than others. While one guy might have an evenly lined eight pack, another guy may have what looks like a lopsided 4 pack. It all comes down to how many bands of connective tissue you have and how they're genetically arranged on your rectus abdominous. If you only have two bands you'll likely have a four-pack rather than a six-pack. And there's not an amount of work you can do to get more tendinous inscriptions, that's why even Arnold Schwarzenegger always struggled with his abs and did his best to draw attention away from them during his posing routines. Aside from these factors, there are other genetic factors at play which is why you shouldn't compare your results to others and your goal should be to get lean enough to see your abs regardless of how many blocks show up when you do get lean enough because a lot of that is out of your control and simply put not worth stressing about. 

Now with all that said, most people will at least have two bands and if you ignore the endless ads, you'll realize that's more than enough for a very attractive midsection that you can be proud of. But to develop those abs, you're going to want to use some heavyweight. And that's something that most people don't tell you. Most trainers will tell you that you should train your abs with a high amount of reps because they're made up of mostly slow-twitch muscle fibers and hardly any fast-twitch muscle fibers. The scientific evidence, however, doesn’t support this idea. It actually shows that the abs have a balanced profile of around 55-58% slow-twitch fibers, and the other half is made up of fast-twitch fibers(14). This is one of the reasons why I've been saying for years now that since your rectus abdominus is a muscle, it would make sense to use heavyweight for our ab exercises just like we do for our bicep, leg, and chest exercises,+ if the goal is to have more pronounced abdominal muscles. Ideally, you want to do both low- and high-rep sets for this muscle. For example, one of my favorite ways to target the abs for muscle growth is by performing declined crunches with a weight behind my head for 10 reps. And then immediately performing a bodyweight exercise like pulse ups or jackknives with no weight, but a higher rep count like 20 reps. And then repeat that for 3 to 4 sets, you can simply do that with 3 or 4 different pairs of exercises abs..

10 Benefits of Using a Sauna Everyday

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Discover the benefits of using a sauna consistently. Even if you don't use it daily, a sauna can assist with weight loss, muscle recovery, improve longevity, and much more. Less than just 30 days of sauna use can provide all of these benefits, and your cardiovascular system can start benefiting after just one sauna session.
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Using a sauna can benefit your muscles, it can help improve blood flow, and even though it may be uncomfortable sitting in a sauna provides a ton of health benefits for your body. And many of these benefits carry over to your workouts and can even help improve your body composition. 
For example, one thing that you'll experience if you use the sauna consistently is faster recovery from your workouts and there are a number of reasons for this. One of them I already mentioned, saunas improve blood flow, and this helps deliver nutrients to the cells and tissues that need those nutrients to recover. The way that saunas improve blood flow is by heating the body. The heat relaxes and dilates blood vessels, making it easier for your cardiovascular system to pump blood throughout the entire body. Studies also show that regular sauna use improves endothelial function which is the function of the thin inner layer membrane that lines your heart and blood vessels. Now on top of all of that, studies show that sauna use increases IGF-1, which is a vital hormone for growth and recovery. One of these studies found a 142 percent increase in this IGF-1 hormone during sauna use. (1) Now it's still debatable how much of an increase in IGF-1 would be required to speed up recovery, but between the improved blood flow and boost to IGF-1 it's no wonder why people claim to recover faster after using a sauna. 

Another big benefit from the sauna can be felt in your mood. If you suffer from depression or just want to improve your mood, the sauna might actually be able to help. That’s because sauna use increases beta-endorphins in the blood which produces feelings of euphoria. (2) In fact, whole-body heat therapy has been shown to improve symptoms of depression in cancer patients through this same process. (3) Also we have a randomized, double-blind study on depression, that shows that a single session of elevating your core body temperature to 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit or about 38.5 degrees Celcius led to an acute antidepressant effect that lasted for six weeks. (4) That's obviously a really powerful effect on your mind and it can be noticed right away especially if you use a sauna consistently. 

Now in addition to muscle recovery, I kind of eluded earlier to the fact that a sauna can relieve pain as well. It does this by increasing the release of anti-inflammatory hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol, and IGF-1. For example, one study found that combining sauna use with other therapeutics assisted in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. (5) And another study found sauna therapy reduced pain from fibromyalgia. (6) In regard to working out and delayed onset muscle soreness, even though there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that heat therapy helps reduce post-workout soreness, we don't have enough solid evidence to say conclusively that it does. But it most likely saunas do reduce muscle soreness thanks to the improved blood flow and the release of endorphins, which are opiate-like chemicals that act like natural pain killers. (7) 

Next, let's go back to another cognitive benefit which is the fact that it can help improve your mental performance. You see the stress from heat increases the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also known as BDNF, which is a crucial protein for cognitive health. (8) BDNF helps regulate synaptic plasticity, which essentially helps neurons communicate and that assists with learning and memory formation. Research also shows that BDNF is involved in muscle repair and it's even involved in the growth and development of new muscle tissue. (9) On top of that it can help combat the cognitive decline associated with aging. In a study on men from Finland, researchers found that those who used the sauna four to seven times per week had a 65 percent reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease compared to those who used the sauna only once per week. (10) In addition to this study, there's another one where men were instructed to stay in a sauna that was heated to 176 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 degrees Celcius until they felt totally exhausted and felt like they had to leave to take a break from the heat. And the results showed that there was a 310 percent increase in norepinephrine and a ten-fold increase in prolactin. (11) These things benefit your cognitive health because norepinephrine enhances focus and attention while prolactin promotes myelin growth, which makes the brain function faster. Similar results were found in women. Those who completed twenty-minute...

10 Tips to Lose Man Boobs Fast

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Learn exactly how to get rid of your chest fat, based on science. Gynocomastia is a rare condition in which men grow breast tissue. More often than not men suffer from pseudogynocomastia rather than real gyno. In that case, you would need to lose body fat to lose your "man boobs".

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The fat that sits on top of your chest can make you feel unattractive, it can decrease your self-confidence, and make it difficult to find clothes that fit. And even though there are some medical reasons that can lead to the development and growth of breast tissue in men such as gynecomastia. The truth is that many people who think they have gynecomastia actually suffer from pseudogynecomastia. And the difference is that while Gynecomastia refers to the growth of breast tissue in men, pseudo gynecomastia is a medical term for what appears to be breast tissue but is actually simply due to an excessively high body fat percentage. (1)
So the number one tip that we have to get out of the way right off the bat is that if you're overweight or carrying excess body fat, you should put yourself into a calorie deficit first to get rid of that excess fat. This tip most likely doesn't come as a surprise. Many resources online mention that if you want to get rid of man boobs, you should focus on losing fat, and the way that you do that is by eating less. And while that is good advice, there's usually no explanation why. Now, it is true that losing fat winds up reducing your estrogen levels and increasing your testosterone, which lowering estrogen in itself can help reduce the risk of gynecomastia. But like I said most people with man boobs have pseudo gynecomastia, which can be fixed entirely by losing fat. On top of that even If you do actually have gynecomastia, it's still very important to lose fat because this condition tends to pair with an excessively high body fat percentage. If you are one of the few people that actually do have real gynecomastia aside from losing body fat, you would also work on things like reducing your estrogen and, in some very severe cases, surgery can also be recommended by your doctor. 

But like I said the good news is that it's usually excess body fat accumulation and your body may also be more prone to store more fat around the chest area rather than other common storage points like your belly or your love handles. So tip number 2 in accordance with reducing your calories is to make sure that your new diet is sustainable. All too often someone with excess body fat will rush in drastically drop calories, put a ton of restrictions in place, and pretty much starve themselves. That doesn't work. It's crucial for you to understand that a diet only works if you can maintain it for the long run. Especially since your biggest problem areas in regard to body fat are usually the last spots to actually get fully burnt off. That’s why it's so important for you to make sure that your diet is sustainable. For example, the ketogenic diet can be highly effective for fat loss. There are many people that have lost excess pounds of body fat with this method. However, a common downfall with the keto diet is that even though most can follow the diet very well for a few days or weeks, as we move on to months and years most people find that they start really craving carbs. The temptation can become so great that you end up binging on unhealthy carbs like pasta, pizza, and donuts, and ultimately you undo all your hard work and end up back at square one. Remember Keto is just one example. There are many other approaches that work for some people but are not sustainable for others. The solution is to do your best to adopt an eating style that allows you to maintain a calorie deficit while at the same time fits with your lifestyle, preferences, and willpower. You also want to do your best to set up your diet in a way in which you don't constantly feel hungry because hunger is the primary reason why most diets fail.

And this actually brings me straight to point number 3 which is don’t drink your calories. One of the easiest ways to make your diet more satiating, which leads to less hunger, is by eating your calories instead of drinking them. Now the two exceptions that I'll allow for this are soup and blended veggie smoothies, specifically blended, not juiced. But as a general rule of thumb liquid calories have much less of an effect on satiety. For example, you can drink hundreds of calories within seconds but if you have to chew those calories it'll take you much longer. On top of that, most liquid carbohydrate beverages, have almost all fiber stripped away, which is a nutrient that benefits hunger control by reducing blood sugar swings and it increases the time it takes for your body to digest the food. Juicing fruit and vegetables causes the fiber to be removed, which is why your body...

9 BEST Home Shoulder Exercises NO EQUIPMENT

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These are 9 of the best at-home exercises for bigger broader & wider shoulders. If you want more defined 3d looking shoulder caps then this in-home shoulder workout will help. If you have a pair of dumbbells and a TRX suspension trainer, it can help, but no equipment is necessary to perform these exercises.
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When we think of targeting the shoulders we typically think of exercises like dumbbell raises, overhead presses, and reverse flyes, but unfortunately, if you don't have weights, these exercises become impossible to do at home. But luckily there are many amazing exercises that you can perform at home, and just by using your body weight, you can definitely develop nice defined cap-like shoulders with full frontal, middle, and back shoulder heads. 

And for the first exercise, we're going to target the front and middle heads with dolphin pushups. To begin get down on all fours and plant your elbows into the ground like you're about to perform a plank. From there you'll get into what looks like a plank but your hips should be higher up in the air, in a downward dog position. Next, you're going to lower your hips and shift your body weight forward. Your shoulders should go past your elbows, and try to get low enough to have your chest touch your hands. Then you're going to reverse the movement, and specifically, you want to concentrate on moving your bodyweight back up with your shoulders. So don't just press up with your chest focus on flexing your shoulders almost like you're trying to raise your elbows up. While you're doing this you don't want to just pull your hips back, let your arms do the work. As you push back your hips should come right back up into that downward dog position and then from there, you'll repeat for reps. To make this more challenging simply walk your feet in, and to make it less challenging walk them further back. 

Another exercise similar to the dolphin pushup is the pike pushup. Now many people perform these on the ground and if you don't have another option then doing them on the ground is totally fine. But you'll probably find that your head gets in the way of getting a full range of motion for your shoulders. If you want more of a challenge, then you can elevate your hands on two platforms. So you can use furniture, chairs, or a stack of books. Then you would place your feet on one platform and place each of your hands on the other two so that you're once again in an elevated downward dog position. From there you want to bend your elbows and lower yourself down slowly until you feel a nice stretch in your chest and shoulders. Then press yourself back up until you're back to the starting position and repeat for reps.
Next, we have an exercise that will work your lateral head as well as your core. Side plank crunches. Now you can do these on your elbow or with your arm fully extended. To target the shoulder better I recommend doing it on your hand. So you'll plant your hand on the ground under your shoulder and stack your feet so that you're in a side plank position. Then you're going to raise your hips up off the floor and aim to get them up higher than a typical side plank. As you're doing this concentrate on pushing your body away from your hand. then lower your hips almost to the ground. From there flex your shoulder and push your hips back up and repeat for reps. 
Another simple but effective shoulder exercise that not only hits the rear delts but also targets the lats, as well as the rhomboids, is the towel lat pulldown. To do this one you'll need a towel or a broomstick, and I'll be demonstrating with a towel. Lay flat down on the ground. Grab one end of the towel in each hand and raise it above your head. From there you're going to lift your upper body off the ground. You can lift your lower body off the ground too to also hit your glutes and lower back. But either way you're going to really try to pull the towel apart as you pull your elbows down, in what looks like a floor lat pull down. When you get your elbows all the way back you want to really squeeze for a second before raising back above the head and repeating for reps.  

Another one for the back of the shoulder is a variation of the reverse fly. Instead of bending over and facing the ground, you're actually going to lay on your back. Spread your arms out with a slight bend in your elbows, just like you would with a reverse fly. Then you're going to press your arms and elbows back into the ground and raise your upper body up. Hold yourself up and squeeze for a second before slowly returning back down and repeating for reps. Keep in mind even though this one does have a very short range of motion, as long as you squeeze and concentrate on using the correct muscles you'll definitely challenge you rear portion of your shoulders. 

Now moving back to an exercise that targets the front and middle head very...

What Happens After 30 Days of Cold Showers

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Learn exactly how to setup your cold showers to reap 6 AMAZING benefits that'll improve your life, mindset, and body. You'll find out how to work up to taking a cold shower every morning, and how to slowly lower the temperature over time. Cold therapy (ice baths, cold plunges, cold showers) has been used by people like Wim Hoff to develop seemingly superhuman abilities. Discover why you should stop taking hot showers immediately and switch them for cold ones.
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Taking a cold shower can feel very uncomfortable, give you goosebumps, and make your whole body feel freezing. However cold showers and cold therapy, in general, can help you feel more alert and energized, it can improve your health, and can even help you burn fat. These are just some of the benefits that you can use to justify going through the unpleasantness of using cold emersion as a therapeutic agent. (*) And really there are 6 amazing scientifically proven benefits when cold therapy is used correctly and I want you to understand what those are and how to start using the cold to reap those benefits today 

Now the first thing that most people don't realize is that cold therapy can drastically improve your mood, and your mental health to the point that it may help prevent and even treat depression. (1) One of the ways that cold exposure is able to improve your mental state is thanks to norepinephrine. When you're body is exposed to cold temperatures norepinephrine is rapidly released into the bloodstream. This is a neurotransmitter that's associated with things like vigilance, attention, focus, and mood. And this isn't debatable, the fact that cold exposure can increase norepinephrine is shown in multiple studies, both in mice and humans. (2) Interestingly, when norepinephrine is depleted in a person, that person becomes depressed, and we actually see this in a study published in the journal Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment. (3) That’s why ice plunges and cold showers might help prevent and treat depression. Cold therapy drastically increases norepinephrine levels, which, helps support a better mood and cognitive function.

Now of course the question is how cold should the temperature be to get the benefits of a boost in norepinephrine? Well, one study found that one hour of cold water immersion at a relatively regular temperature of 68° Fahrenheit did not activate norepinephrine release, meanwhile, one hour at 57° Fahrenheit increased norepinephrine levels by a whopping 530%. (4) of course one hour sounds painfully long, but fortunately, you can get similar benefits in a shorter time frame if you turn the temperature down further. And we have evidence of this. A long-term study found that by immersing yourself in cold water at 40° Fahrenheit for only 20 seconds and sticking to that routine consistently for twelve weeks, that can increase norepinephrine levels by 200 to 300%. (5) And it could be possible that taking an ice bath in freezing cold water, would require even less time to reap the benefits. Now you don't want to go straight to freezing cold water, you do want to work up to it, and I'll go over that process in a bit
But first, you should be aware that one of the best benefits of exposing your body to the cold is that it leads to a reduction in overall inflammation throughout your body.

Now you've probably heard that inflammation is the route cause of most modern diseases. And even though inflammation gets a pretty bad wrap, inflammation itself isn't entirely a bad thing. In fact, it's vital for your health and well-being because it's the first step of the healing process that's used to prevent further damage by eliminating the initial cause of the cell injury, and then the inflammation helps clears out the damaged tissues and dead cells. This is actually what starts the process of repairing damaged tissues. However, when the inflammation process goes into overdrive, so when you have chronically high inflammation markers for seemingly no reason, that's when inflammation causes a lot of trouble for a lot of people. For example, as stated by the Harvard Medical School, “chronic inflammation is associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and bowel diseases like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.” (6) Research also identifies inflammation as the key driver of the aging process. (7) One specific study looked closely at elderly people ranging from 85 to over 110 years old and researchers found that low inflammation was the only biomarker that accurately predicted survival and cognitive capabilities across all the age groups. Remember that cognitive decline is what leads to the rising rates of dementia and Alzheimer's that we see today. The researchers also came to the conclusion that Inflammation is one of the most important variables that determine mortality, capability, and cognition up to very old age."

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