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20 Foods That Have Almost 0 Calories

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 1.4M views Sun May 2nd, 2021

Here are 20 of the BEST WEIGHT LOSS FOODS! These foods will help you get rid of that belly fat and get shredded. Fat-burning foods help you create tasty weight loss-friendly meals for a low amount of calories. Find out exactly what foods to eat for cutting and losing weight.

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Dieting so that you can burn fat from stubborn areas like your belly, love handles, and hips can be really challenging because cutting your calories can easily leave you feeling deprived, hungry, and miserable. But the good news is that there are foods that taste great and can help fill you up for almost 0 calories. So today I want to go over 20 of the best foods that fall under this category.

Starting first with Shirataki noodles. These are actually also referred to as konjac noodles or miracle noodles. And they're called Miracle noodles for a reason. These noodles are unique because they are very filling yet very low in calories. Just an eight-ounce serving contains only about 20 calories. Meanwhile, the same amount of regular pasta could cost you as much as 300 calories. On top of the fact that shirataki noodles are low in calories, the calories come in the form of insoluble fiber. When you eat insoluble fiber you end up taking in fewer calories in the form of carbs compared to other forms of carbohydrates like soluble fiber and starches. This is because this type of fiber doesn't get absorbed entirely. To be exact you'll only absorb about 1.5 calories per gram of insoluble fiber compared to the four grams that you would absorb if you were eating a regular carbohydrate full of starches or sugar instead. So, this means that for an eight-ounce serving of shirataki noodles, you'll effectively only end up with a net intake of 7.5 calories, making these noodles one of the best carbohydrates for burning fat and one of the best weight loss foods in general.
Another carbohydrate that's similar is slim rice, and it can be used as an alternative to shirataki noodles. It only contains about 7 to 9 calories for every 100-gram serving. To put that into perspective, the same amount of brown rice would cost you a little over 110 calories. Slim rice is also gluten-free and made from non-GMO konjac flour. This is the same ingredient that's used in shirataki noodles. But you can eat it in rice form instead, which might be more suitable for certain meals. And the good news is that the texture and consistency of the product is similar to regular rice. Now, since many of the foods. Now since most veggies are also very low in calories, it might not be a bad idea to try steaming some vegetables and serving them along with slim rice for an almost calorie-free meal. You should know that there are also many claims about konjac root having appetite-suppressing effects. Unfortunately, more studies are needed to confirm this, but if it does help suppress appetite on top of being really low in calories, then it could really help with fat loss even more, especially if you find yourself hungry throughout the day. 

Next, we have the cucumber. Cucumbers are very low in calories and very high in water content which helps fill you up. 97 percent of a cucumber is made up of water and a 100 gram serving of cucumber contains only 15 calories. which makes it easy to add cucumber to your diet without bumping up your caloric intake by much. On top of that, research indicates that cucumbers may help reduce and control blood sugar levels, which can help reduce hunger cravings caused by irregular blood sugar levels. (4) For weight loss purposes you should eat the cucumber unpeeled because it'll increase the amount of fiber, helping you feel fuller, and the skin contains much of the vitamins and minerals. 

Another very low-calorie food happens to be sugar-free jello. This tasty snack contains only 5 to 10 calories and can help you satisfy your sweet tooth without skyrocketing your caloric intake. Aside from the low amount of calories it contains gelatin which has been shown to help reduce appetite and increase the feelings of fullness. (4.5) There are also brands that contain no preservatives, and if you buy the Jell-O pouches you can easily take them on the go with you. 

Next, we have Zucchini, and not only is zucchini mostly made up of water but it can be used to replace one of the highest calorie carbs... pasta. All you need is a spiralizer and you can very easily crank out some zucchini noodles. These noodles can be used in many delicious low-calorie meals. One simple option for example is to cook them, add salsa, and a little bit of parmesan cheese. And there are plenty of other low-calorie options like pesto zucchini pasta, that will blow your mind. Zucchini contains only 17 calories per 100 grams, meanwhile, the same amount of pasta contains 131 calories, and it's much less filling. On top of all of that, just like a cucumber...

10 BEST Exercises for BIG ARMS (Dumbbells Only!)

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 391.5K views Sun Apr 25th, 2021

These are the best exercises to get bigger arms at home or in the gym with dumbbells ONLY. Learn exactly what to do to get big biceps, triceps, and shoulders in this arm workout video. By following through you'll add muscle mass onto your arms making them wider, thicker, and bigger over time.

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If you want to build bigger arms with minimal equipment then you're going to love these exercises, because they target the most important muscles that make your arms look bigger, wider, and thicker. These include your biceps, your triceps, and your shoulders. And all you'll need for the entire workout are a pair of dumbbells, allowing you to do it anywhere, even at home. 

So let's start first with a bicep exercise that targets a part of your arm that most people don't train hard enough, the brachialis. The exercise I'm talking about is called the alternating crossbody dumbbell curl. And if you're not performing any curls with a neutral grip during your arm workouts you're not maximizing the development of your brachialis. This isn't ideal if you want bigger arms because building up the brachialis is what gives your arms a wider appearance. So to get started with this exercise you would grab two dumbbells and hold them in a neutral position at your sides. Before doing anything you'll want to lean slightly forward to help take your shoulder out of the movement and to put more constant tension on the brachialis. Then you would curl the dumbbell up, but rather than coming straight up for a regular hammer curl you're going to come across your body aiming to bring the dumbbell up to your opposite pec. Then slowly lower the dumbbell back down and repeat the same thing on the other side, alternating back and forth for reps.

Next is a tricep exercise that you only need one dumbbell for, the single-arm overhead tricep extension. You can perform these standing or seated, and you don't need a crazy amount of weight for these to be effective. To begin you'll grab a dumbbell and press it straight up above your head. Then bend your elbow and lower the dumbbell behind your head as if you're going to scratch the back of your neck. As you're doing this make sure that you don't flare your elbow out to the side and instead do your best to keep your upper arm locked in place, with your elbow pointing upward. From there you're going to extend your elbow until your arm is almost locked out over your head and then lower back down and repeat for reps. 

Another very effective tricep exercise that I rarely see people performing is the two-arm dumbbell kickback. I occasionally see someone doing kickbacks, but very rarely do I see two dumbbells being used at the same time. Begin by grabbing two dumbbells, and standing straight up with the dumbbells hanging to your sides. Then bend your upper body all the way down until your back is parallel to the ground. A lot of people make the mistake of only bending halfway, and that's going to diminish the tension on your triceps by a lot. So bend all the way down, and at the same time, you're going to bend your elbows and pin them back up along the sides of your ribs. While you're bent over you also want to remember to keep your chest out and to maintain the neutral curve in your lower back. From there just extend your elbows until your arms are almost fully locked out behind you. Then slowly lower back down until your arms are bent at about a 90-degree angle, and repeat for reps. If you never do kickbacks with both arms at the same time give this one a shot because it's is an effective way to change things up. 

Next let's go over a great bicep exercise that you rarely see, the wide dumbbell curl. Usually, people will only go wide with barbell curls, not realizing that going wide with dumbbells can offer another unique way to target the short head of the bicep. This is the portion of the biceps that sit on the insides of your arms. So you would begin wide curls the same way as regular dumbbell bicep curls. Grab two dumbbells, stand straight up, and pin your elbows tight against your ribs. Except now instead of curling straight up, you're going to rotate your arms outward first. Then curl the dumbbells up toward your shoulders while continuing to keep your elbows in the same position close to your ribs. Once the dumbbells are all the way up almost at your shoulders, slowly lower back down, while still keeping your arms externally rotated. Then when you reach the starting position repeat for reps. 

Next, we have one of the best exercises for the bicep, the concentration curl. And even though this exercise is common, it can give you one of the best bicep pumps and help boost your b strength dramatically. To begin, sit on the edge of a bench with your knees wide apart and a dumbbell on the floor in between your feet. Grab the dumbbell with an underhanded grip, and pin that arm against your thigh...

7 Simple Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 83.6K views Tue Apr 20th, 2021

These are 7 easy and effective ways to reduce and eliminate muscle soreness fast. Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and relieve that muscle pain without spending all day stretching. Whether you have shoulder pain, leg pain, or back pain, if you're feeling sore, this video will help.
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9 Best Exercises for Bigger Lats (V-Taper)

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 721.6K views Sun Apr 11th, 2021

Here are 9 of the best exercises for bigger and wider lats. Learn how to get a v-tapered back with this perfect back workout. You'll find out exactly how to widen your lats with barbells, dumbbells, and cables. These exercises are performed in the gym, but many can also be done at home.
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Your lats form a large fan-shaped muscle that runs along your back in a v shape starting from your lower back all the way to your upper arms. On the way there it also connects to your spine, your pelvis, and your lower ribs. And it's actually considered the largest muscle group of the back. So lats are very important for shoulder movements, all of your pulling movements, and for supporting good posture. Strengthening and developing your lats won't only help you lift more weight for all your upper body exercises including even your push movements like the bench press, but developing your lats will also benefit activities like swimming, Shoveling, and throwing. So let's jump right into the 9 best exercises that you can do to build bigger stronger lats. 

Let's start this with one you probably don't know and that's the meadows row. With this one, you'll set up like a t-bar row by sliding a barbell into a landmine or pinning it against the corner of two walls, and then loading the other end with weight. Stand in a staggered stance and position the front foot of your outside leg a few inches from the bar. Then bend down and grip the barbell with an overhand grip using your hand that's closest to the barbell. Squeeze your abs, and lift your chest up to prevent your lower back from rounding. Then row the bar by pulling your elbow back towards the ceiling and aim for your lower chest. Squeeze at the top for a second before lowering back down slowly and repeating for reps. 

Next is a variation of the lat pulldown that you probably haven't tried but it's really good at hitting your lats so make sure you give it a shot. This Single arm kneeling reverse lat pulldown. So to begin bring the pulley up to the top of the cable cross and attach a d handle. Then you're going to grab the D handle with a pronated or an overhand grip. From there you're going to kneel down and get on both knees with your arm relaxed straight up above your head. If you're really tall and the stack of Weights isn't elevated after you kneel down you'll end up with Slack in the cable. So to fix this you can slide back a little further away from the cable cross to create space and get rid of the slack but Ideally, you want to do your best to be as close as possible. From their stick, your chest out pack your shoulder blades together, and squeeze your core. Then you're going to pull the cable down by concentrating on leading with your elbow just like in our other rowing movements. As you're doing this turn your hand over in the middle of the contraction. So your hands going to go from an overhand grip to an underhand grip. And then complete the movement by squeezing your back and lat at the bottom before repeating for reps. Remember to do both sides for each set.   

Another great exercise that's more so for isolating the lats is the standing cable pullover. Now this won't completely isolate your lats you will still be using muscles like your triceps, and the back of your shoulder, but it'll isolate a lot more than something like a lat pulldown. So Here you'll want to set the pulley on your cable cross nice and high, attach a straight bar, and then take a grip a few inches wider than shoulder-width. You want to keep your arms straight, but not locked out. So maintain a slight bend in your elbows and bend forward to get your hips out of the way so you can create a longer range of motion.

Before beginning take a step back, so that the weight is hovering above the rest of the stack. Then while keeping your shoulder blades back and your arms straight, bring the bar down aiming for the front of your hips. Then control it on the way back up and repeat for reps. I like keeping my hands open throughout this exercise because it helps me take the tension out of my arms and forearms and instead concentrate more on my lats. So you can try that, but there's also nothing wrong with closing your hands. 

Next is one of the most common and effective lat exercises, the regular lat pulldown. The lat pulldown is a great alternative to develop your lats if you can't perform pullups with your bodyweight yet, and even if you can do pullups, lat pulldowns are still a great addition to your back training routine. To begin, stand in front of the lat pulldown machine and grab a wide overhand grip. You can wrap your thumbs around the bar underneath or overtop, whatever feels best for you. Then take a seat, and slide your thighs under the pads, while your arms stay straight overhead. Arch your back and stick your chest out. Then pull the bar down towards your upper chest.

8 Best Things to do After a Workout

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 1.5M views Sun Apr 4th, 2021

These are 8 things you should do after your gym/home workouts. By taking these steps you'll be impressed with your improved recovery rate and strength levels. Find out exactly how things like cold showers, supplementation post-workout, and foam-rolling can all improve your workout experience. Also learn the best foods to eat after a workout to maximize recovery, strength, and size gains.
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Whether you want to burn fat or build muscle, your workout is just one piece of the puzzle. You'll definitely want to do certain things after your workout to maximize recovery and speed up your progress. And this can range from eating certain foods and taking specific supplements all the way to manipulating your body temperature in order to boost recovery and strength.

So I'm going to go over all that today starting first with one of my favorite things to do after any workout and that's contrast therapy. Essentially you would expose a limb or your entire body to a hot temperature for a period of time, and then you would immediately expose it to a very cold temperature for a period of time... and you would repeat this process several times. In very interesting study researchers compared contrast therapy to things like cold water immersion, hot water immersion, passive recovery, stretching, and active recovery (13).

Keep in mind all of these things are believed to be helpful with reducing soreness and speeding up recovery. But researchers found that contrast therapy led to greater improvements in the areas of muscle soreness and post-recovery strength levels than every other recovery method. It also reduced muscle inflammation, improved mobility, and muscle range of motion significantly. This means that contrast therapy can help you recover from workouts faster than almost any other method.

Now the easiest way to perform contrast therapy that anyone can do starting today is by switching between a very cold and hot shower. You can switch back and forth, doing a minute of each for a total of ten minutes. However, my personal favorite way to do this is by using a sauna in combination with an ice plunge. You would get your body really warmed up in a sauna by staying in there for at least a few minutes and then once you're really warmed up you would jump into the ice plunge, which is basically freezing cold water. Now if you don't have access to an ice plunge you can do something similar by using the sauna at your gym and then immediately taking a cold shower for at least a minute and then doing that back and forth for a few rounds. If on the other hand, you do want to try an ice plunge you can find one in most traditional Russian and Korean bathhouses.   

The next thing you'll want to do after a workout is instead of having a sports drink like vitamin water, drink some Tart Cherry Juice because it's specifically great at reducing post-workout muscle soreness. Multiple studies show that consuming tart cherry after resistance training reduces muscle protein breakdown and muscle soreness while speeding up the rate of recovery. (1) One of these studies was specifically focused on eccentric exercise. For those of you that don't know the eccentric portion of an exercise is when you extend and elongate the muscle as opposed to the concentric portion which is when you contract and shorten the muscle. So for example with exercises like bench press, bicep curls, and squats the eccentric portion would be when you're lowering the weight down.

Although both concentric and eccentric ranges of motion will break down muscle tissue, the eccentric portion is believed to do the most muscle damage in the form of microscopic tears. So this study was especially interesting because it aimed to find out if tart cherry consumption before and after eccentric exercise would have a protective effect on muscle damage symptoms. (2) So they set up the experiment by having college students either drink twelve ounces of a tart cherry juice blend or a placebo twice a day, once in the morning and once at night for eight days straight. And the scientists found that the group taking the placebo still had a strength loss of 30% even 24 hours after finished the eccentric exercise. And after 96 hours they still had a 12% reduction in strength in the muscles targeted with the eccentric exercise. On the other hand, the group taking the tart cherry juice instead of the placebo only experienced a 12% strength loss after 24 hours and after 96 hours they actually had a 6 percent strength boost above baseline. So in other words, the tart cherry juice reduced strength losses after their workout and helped them recover faster. The reason that tart cherries provide these benefits is that they contain special flavonoids and anthocyanins, which are a group of substances that have antioxidant effects on the body...

10 Best Foods to Eat After a Workout

Gravity Transformation - Fat Loss Experts 343.7K views Sun Mar 28th, 2021

These are the best post-workout foods that you can eat to maximize muscle growth and recovery. Before you make your next post-workout meal make sure you watch this video. Whether you're trying to burn fat and lose weight or build muscle what eat after a workout will either help or hurt your progress.
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The recovery and repair process after a workout is just as important as the workout itself. During your workout, you'll create tiny tears in the muscles, and ultimately the goal is to have your muscles come back stronger and bigger as they heal. However, the only way that you'll reap the benefits from your workout and build muscle is by providing your body the resources it needs to recover, and there's no doubt that some options are significantly better than others post-workout... So I want to give you guys 10 of the best foods that you should have after a workout. And the first category that I'm going to list some options for is of course protein. 

It‚Äôs essential to consume protein around your workouts because the amino acids found in protein are the building blocks to your muscles. In fact, building muscle is all about creating a ‚Äúpositive protein turnover rate.‚ÄĚ This means that your body has to add more amino acids to a muscle than¬†the amount that gets broken down regularly. Now, most of you have probably heard of the anabolic window, which is a myth, that suggests that you need to get your protein shake in as fast as possible after a workout. Even though it's not true that you need to take in protein IMMEDIATELY after a workout a good guideline is to try to get at least a minimum of twenty grams of protein within an hour and a half of finishing your workout. Keep in mind If you happen to train in a fasted state as I do, it's better to have that protein sooner rather than later because there will be fewer amino acids circulating through your body since you didn't eat any protein before your workout. On the other hand, if you did eat and you had a lot of protein before your workout you can probably get away with extending that time-frame even past the 1 1/2 hour mark, but taking down protein within 1 1/2 hours after finishing your workout is generally a good guideline to aim for.¬†
So the first and one of the best protein sources post-workout is whey protein. Whey is a fast-digesting protein source, which is especially beneficial if you train on an empty stomach. That’s because it’ll digest quickly and cause a rapid spike in amino acids that will quickly become available for your body to use for muscle repair and recovery. So as a result, whey protein will stimulate protein synthesis which is the build-up of new muscle fibers, and it'll do it faster than slower-digesting protein sources like casein. (1) The best part about whey protein is that it's one of the world’s best sources of leucine, which happens to be the most important amino acid for muscle growth. This is because leucine activates mTOR, which is the primary muscle-building pathway in the body. That’s why simply having a whey protein shake can be an excellent post-workout protein source, especially if you're short on time.

Now even though casein isn't the best protein source if you train fasted, it still has a similar nutrition profile to whey, however, casein does have other qualities that may make it an even better choice if you don't train on an empty stomach. This is because whey is actually not as effective as casein at preventing muscle protein breakdown. (2) And remember to build muscle we want to do both reduce muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle protein synthesis. Casein may also be more beneficial for fat loss, due to the fact that it digests slower. This helps you feel full for longer. In a study (3) where they compared people that took either a casein supplement, a whey supplement, or a placebo after weight training the researchers found that Not only did the casein group experienced more than double the amount of muscle growth compared to the whey group, but they also lost twice the amount of fat. (4) So for all of you that have a pre-workout meal and don't train fasted you may want to take a closer look at casein instead of whey post-workout.
Now since casein and whey are both good choices post-workout it should come as no surprise that milk is also a great option. This is because both casein and whey are derived from cows' milk. And based on the available research, milk does seem to be an equally excellent option. For example, in a study published just a few years ago, researchers found that drinking whole milk stimulated muscle protein synthesis to a similar degree as whey protein. (7) Interestingly enough, research shows that whole milk stimulates muscle protein synthesis better than skim milk, even when whole milk contains less protein than skim milk. (8) So, if you want to boost muscle growth and recovery...

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