Grain-Free Mini Raspberry Chocolate Cakes

blankPerfectly portioned Mini Chocolate Cakes with delicious raspberry filling in every bite!  Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and SUPER moist!


I mean who says you can’t indulge in a little chocolate every now and then??  I really try to eat healthy 80% of the time, but every once in awhile I just have to satisfy that much-needed chocolate fix!  You guys these cupcakes are SUPER moist and are just so ridiculously easy to make.  They’re also gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free so you can feel a little better about indulging!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner too so why not whip up a batch of these mini chocolate cakes for the favorite people in your life and show off just how delicious baking healthier can be!

This recipe can easily be made into 12 cupcakes or 6 mini cakes, you’ll just need to adjust your baking time.  I make chocolate cupcakes all the time, but when I came across this super adorable heart mold pan from Wilton, I knew I HAD to make these special for Valentine’s Day!  I mixed some raspberry preserves in with the batter which added so much gooey raspberry goodness to every bite.   Believe gratis to leave the preserves out notwithstanding if you are paleo , or you may well yet switch up the flavors plus intention scarlet, strawberry , fig or what your favorite fruit is !

I topped these off with diverse fresh raspberries plus a sprinkle of powdered sugar… .um let’s effortlessly utter they ended not preceding extensive inside our home.

These cakes are sweetened in addition to uncontaminated maple syrup , save for believe absolved to replace as well as any sweetener of your poll.  I’ve plotted out these prior to using coconut sugar since anyways for sweetie in addition to both batches were really acceptable!  From time to time I’ll however sprinkle in miscelanneous chocolate chips into the batter (why not accurate?), this is my hubby’s favorite also he always requests it this means.  You in truth can’t set out incorrect any techniques you type these as, I signify, chocolate is Constantly a champ in my work 😉

Into the bargain considering single of my much loved trivial food and drink is putting chocolate chips within raspberries , this technique was a no-brainer !  The two were entailed to be in concert.

OH in addition to may well we cleanly talk with reference to that halftime behavior closing night???  WHOAH.  Justin Timberlake has Frequently been my best (yes of channel I’m #teamnsync), nonetheless I maintain he gets hotter in addition to hotter every per annum.  He unquestionably prepared not fail also neither finished This Is Us, then again no spoilers here , don’t agonize!  If you don’t gaze at This Is Us further, depart in advance with list a acceptable binge-watch sesh as well as grasp the tissues .  You’re welcome .

I actually hope you the whole thing benefit from these for much as I prepared as well as tolerate a astounding Valentine’s Daylight hours friends !!

Appears delicious ! Surging house at night also gaining these .

Expect you have the benefit of one another! 🙂

I want to type these ! Great technique! I was speculating if you taste a counsel for an replacement sweetener to maple syrup ? I regularly reason sucanot as baking… .. do you assume this might be an reasonable restore?


Utterly! Feel complimentary to intention any sweetener you’d such as 🙂

Hi, these look endearing as well as I might affection to make some. Yet, I am allergic to extreme. Could I sub the almond flour as well as anything else, gratify? Thanks and regards .

Comprehensively! Perceive at no cost to sub finish wheat flour or yet oat flour , nonetheless you might major need 2 eggs in its place of 3. I haven’t checked out this additionally consequently if you try it let me acquaint with how it turns out ! 🙂

These peep unbelievable! I feel that match in vitality is crucial and it is suitable to indulge every just the once in a while. I believe that these beauties are a satisfactory compare between healthy in addition to cheerful! Thanks as exposing this Kelly!

I need to product these ! They are as a result appealing along with peep delicious !

I’ve by no means confirmed it , excluding apparently if you situate a marble between a cupcake liner plus the tin it will type mind shaped cupcakes !

Whatever a sweet tips!! 🙂

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