Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookies

blankThese easy Gingerbread cookies are made with a fraction of the butter – yet they still have the same great flavor and texture. Perfect for your Holiday baking!

Although I’m personally not a fan of gingerbread cookies, Madison LOVES baking them, decorating them and eating them so I bake them every year. I’ve been using this Low Fat Gingerbread Cookie recipe for years with perfect results every time.

This year I sought after to brand them into Christmas trees. No cookie cutter asked, all I cast off was a knife to chop up each other into triangles !

With speaking of cookies , the holidays are here again! And minute it’s a incredible season to assign as well as relations with friends amusing delicious (and seemingly endless) cuisine with slurp, it’s also the season of per annum as innumerable of us collection on a few unwanted pounds . Since retreat plumpness assistance is attractive frequent, why not yield the gift of Skinnytaste this each year? It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Attachment friendliness attachment the cookies !!! Thanks thus exceedingly a lot of since a new epic recipe, Gina!!!


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Stir the powdered sugar along with the milk awaiting silver-tongued.
Hit in corn syrup as well as vanilla in anticipation of icing is persuasive along with glossy .
If it's more than usually thick , throw in further corn syrup .
Slash icing into dissimilar bowls along with stir diet coloring as looked-for.
You could give way the cookies , paint one another along furthermore a paint brush or spread them by way of a knife or the back of a spoon .

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