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G-Fit Booty Band Full Body Circuit

FitnessRx For Women Magazine 1.4K views Thu May 21st, 2020

Let's get in a full body workout with NOTHING but a booty Band! Let's GO! ...

Live with G-FIT Abs & FLOW

FitnessRx For Women Magazine 840 views Wed May 6th, 2020


Full Body Blast G-Fit Circuit with @Ginaaliotti

FitnessRx For Women Magazine 1.4K views Thu Apr 30th, 2020

Full Body 30 Minute Body Blaster with Gina Aliotti
-10 straight deadlifts
-10 reverse lunges to stand
-10 alternating kick-ups
-10 plank cross over taps
-10 mountain climbers, knee-high
-10 figure 4 oblique crunches

2 Rounds

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Get Fit with G Fit At Home | Circuit Training for Home!

FitnessRx For Women Magazine 1.4K views Mon Apr 6th, 2020

Being at home can be rough some days but FitnessRX Welcomes Back Fitness Expert Gina Aliotti to help you get through these tough times with a brand new home workout.
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slide squats

FitnessRx For Women Magazine 2K views Wed Sep 18th, 2019


goblet pulse squats

FitnessRx For Women Magazine 11.6K views Mon Sep 9th, 2019