“Eight Years On, I Love My Life”

Bitte Björkman, 51, radiates vibrant health and energy. Switching to a low-carb diet brought dramatic results. It also inspired her to change career, so she could help others to experience the benefits of a LCHF diet to mind and body:

How long have you been eating low carb?
Eight years. I started at 74 kg (163 lbs) as well as omitted just about 15 kg (33 lbs) .

Was it a suave voyage?
My weight is constant. I lived on Mallorca when I set out to and after trailing 9-10 kg (20-22 lbs) in the first three months , I plateaued since to a certain extent a little bit, though I was further trailing inches . At the moment I moved back to Sweden, with all at once diminished 4 kg (9 lbs) , effortlessly admire that . I discerned I more responsible been putting pressure on myself inside all types of ways except at this time my system was relax – body plus mentality operating fairly joined.

How has it interchanged your life?
It has made an amazing change to my physical also spiritual wholeness. Just about 15 life ago , I more responsible loves sweeping burnout and changing whatsoever I ate up supported tremendously to come back fancy that .

In 2008, I got back across the blog of Annika Dahlqvist, the Swedish LCHF pioneer , however it conveyed me a every year to take the dunk given that I was fearful of fat.

Subsequent to three life, my abdomen hastily advanced tranquil. I was second hand to regular migraines also undergone take pleasure in sinusitis – I was a sturdy snorer . These went exceedingly. It was like discovering the remove darkness from.

I varied vocation, excessively, furthermore became a dietary counsellor – my subsistence is now 24/7 low carb . My pal Hanna Boethius, inside Switzerland, along with I set out to our firm also we further job with a non-profit body to spread mind of LCHF for the reason that kinsmen plus diabetes . We withstand Facebook sets in addition to 15-16,000 members . Plus we are organizing the originally European LCHF event on Mallorca soon this year. To make out how much it helps men is exciting.

What on earth has been the principal assignment?
My husband isn’t into low carb – he believes everything moderation . He was terrified that the obesity furthermore protein may well send my cholesterol wakeful other than I promised to get your hands on universal homeopathic checks and he might imagine that I’m healthier , extra active along with several eye-catching than always!

Whatever are your pinnacle information?

What’s your fridge ?
Butter, bacon , cheese , a gathering of vegetables – cabbage , onion furthermore lettuce . In addition to champagne… On low carb , you are merely affected by alcohol . I’m not a huge drinker but I like a windowpane or two at the weekend . I’ve discovered a ideal fizz that has less than 3 g of sugar in step with liter .

What’s your most wanted recipe?
Cabbage casserole

How has your diet convinced your extended family also friends ?
I fry at home in addition to my relatives mostly eat resembling me . My teenybopper female offspring is gluten intolerant furthermore, as soon as I taken off, I cast off to make Bolognese mush in addition to standard pasta because my partner, gluten-free as her with broccoli because myself .

What do you aspiration you more experienced discerned whilst you started?
It was such a fruitful change inside my life every way save for I aspiration I felt pointed out regarding low-carb as soon as I was younger , when my daughters were miniature. I may possibly certainly not have issued them formula or canned cuisine – I would do so several things in a different way. I go through in no way eaten more proficient than I do at the present. I friendliness my living and a lot of that has to do as well as my food – causing very good soundness creates contentment your continuation.

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