Easy Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

blankThis is the easiest, most delicious way to eat sweet potatoes!

Breakfast might literally be my favorite meal of the day and since I’ve committed to doing Whole 30 this month, finding different ways to cook my favorite foods has been really fun!  It doesn’t get much easier than making a sweet potato hash.  Simply peel your sweet potatoes, shred them up using a grater (making sure to pat them dry to soak up any excess water) then sauté them in a skillet with some coconut oil (or grass fed butter) along with half an onion.  Boom!  Easy sweet potato hash!

I seasoned the hash with salt, pepper, a little cinnamon and some chili powder just because it’s my absolute favorite way to season sweet potatoes.   I’m planning on revealing my go-to lovable potato seasoning as well as you all presently, excluding inside the period in-between I think you’ll affection these trouble-free hash browns !

I paired this plus a fried egg in addition to avocado , except you may well effortlessly hurl this hash a casserole or also product patties out of them 🙂  This is easily a principal go-to technique as you want something yummy as soon as you don’t experience a lot of period to use up cookery in the mornings .  Varied certain bloggers , I further experience a full-time post outside of blogging thus fast breakfasts are fully my JAM for I’m incessantly inside a flash to acquire out the entrance (I’m moreover NOT a morning individual ha) .  This recipe is absolutely a darling along with I trust you get pleasure from these hash browns for the reason that a good deal of since I prepared!

I love a hash brown therefore to tolerate a engaging potato only for my cuisine is ruddy ideal!!

Both sweet potato with avocado are my favorite! I’ll have to undertake!

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