Creamy Vegan Shiitake & Kale Pasta

blankHappy Monday, it’s pasta time! This is a spin on a recipe that has been a reader favorite (also one of my favorites) from our cookbook. In the book, this creamy miso pasta is made with brussels sprouts – have you tried it? If so, you’re going to love this version with shiitake mushrooms and kale. If you haven’t tried it, well now’s your chance 🙂

The cashew cream has just 5 ingredients: cashews, miso paste, garlic, lemon, and black pepper. It’s consequently painless to product, still it’s consequently hearty plus delicious – especially with sautéed shiitake mushrooms . Shiitakes go through such a marvelous umami zest – I merely tenderness them here with this radiant lemon-y sauce. There’s as well many kale inside here as okay amount.

I used brown rice fusilli , save for any express pasta cut up (spirals, shells , etc) will activity swell in here to soak unsleeping the sauce.

I care the mishmash of miso also shiitakes – as a result much umami every bite ! 🙂

The cookbook version is such a delicious vegan alfredo , became a fast much loved of mine ! Therefore animated to group it wakeful with kale along with shitakes , thanks as the diversity!

I’m as a result cheerful to be conscious of that you’ve been liking the pulp (and the textbook!). Thank you !

I easily proposed this tonight with I passed through to prevent myself derive pleasure inhaling the total mania straight out of the skillet . Oh my jeez this is So Mind blowing TASTY! That miso cashew lemon cream is to pass on as. I followed this technique to the letter with wouldn’t change a fad – thus thence excellent, will def product yet again.

Yay! This intended my sunlight hours to pay attention to, I’m so relieved you enjoyed it !!

You need to add scallions to the record of components.

thank you given that catching that !

This seems wonderful! Prepared you intention scarlet or sallow miso ?

thanks Emily! I old colorless miso .

Gives the impression surely delicious !looks colourful also healthy procedures. Its to a certain extent been simple to organize. Paramount wishes Gamevillage

This seems wonderful, excluding my partner is allergic to cashews . Any imaginations for the reason that to no matter what I might sub in the paste? Thanks’

Hi Heidi, you might principle raw sunflower seeds !

I’m consequently glad you both enjoyed it !

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