Creamy Avocado Lime Smoothies

I promise that this does not taste like guacamole… it’s a creamy almost sorbet-like smoothie that contains a healthy amount of healthy fats. I enjoy it in the morning or mid-afternoon when I need a good boost of energy… although I think it would also be tasty as a dessert (if made extra thick) with some chocolate sauce or cacao nibs on top!

Smoothie cheers!

why didn’t I think of that? Avocado and green smoothies are part of my everyday ingredients, but never together and why not? I’m always open to trying a new protein powder too, nice tip, thank you for this recipe!

Thank you guys, I’m making this recipe for my friends. They’re really enjoying it, I love your site.

Yumm! As well as that color is epic .

ahhh the lime ! At present you’re mention entails to engagement affection also lemons furthermore lime . Hehe!

Hooked in in addition to the flavors in this !! Such a smashing creamy smoothie because any period of day!! I need to confer this a undertake!

Organized this without the maple syrup , delicious plus inspirational, thank you !

Hi Joanne – I’m so happy you enjoyed the smoothies !

Thank you hence a good deal of! My youth relished it . I’m gaining again subsequently weekend .

thence happy to find out that the teenagers liked it !!

Wow! These are smart with glimpse Thus creamy !

I only obtained your cookbook with it carried me to your blog – the opposite of more or less everyone in addition here , I feel! We lean vegan inside our relatives, also I may imagine that you do , exaggeratedly. Your wonderful methods are basically how we eat . I suffer notified the whole thing my extended family almost your blog – my brand new most wanted! Seeking transports to the whole lot your guidelines.

Hi, my say is Jeanine – I friendliness cuisine that’s new, gleaming with frequently prepared as well as a wring of lemon . I heat in addition to photo nutrition plus my spouse Jack inside sunlit Austin, TX.