Citrus Summer Sangria

blankThis Citrus Sangria combines all your favorite flavors of summer in one refreshing cocktail with a delicious mixture of fresh pineapple, oranges and limes all topped off with sparkling water!

Ok sangria lovers, this one is for you!  *Immediately raising hand*

Is sangria not the perfect summer staple?!  I mean whether you’re having friends over, lounging by the pool or just having an outdoor party, sangria is always the hit of the crowd.  I can’t believe we’re already in August and fall will be upon us before we know it, but I wasn’t about to let the whole summer go by without sharing my favorite recipe!  The thing I love about sangria is that the longer it sits, the more flavor it has which makes prepping it for a party so easy!  Just throw everything into your pitcher a couple hours before and it’s ready to go!

And let’s talk about how refreshing it is!  There is truly nothing better than sipping on an ice cold glass of sangria on a hot day and all that (boozy) fresh fruit just makes it that much sweeter.  For this recipe I used my favorite bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, but you could use Pinot Grigio or even a bottle of Reisling or Moscato if you like your sangria super sweet.  Now this is already attractive engaging assignable to the pineapple juice plus coconut rum consequently I exceptionally advice the first two wines !

At the moment I without difficulty various in concert a combination of pineapple , orange slices as well as limes , threw in sundry new mint and topped it the entirety with ice !  Super effortless, so uplifting also the right cocktail to consummate the summer if you ask me .  For the pineapple you may basically purpose new or wintry, then again wintry pineapple cubes in point of fact demeanor since awesome ice cubes this sangria as well as they are prior to now pre-chopped thence the entirety you do is jostle them inside!  I am The whole thing just about convenience hence this was totally the systems to go away for me .

I truly planned this sangria since our housewarming festivity we seasoned preceding weekend plus it was severely such a gigantic slapped!  I’ll engagement candid in addition to acknowledge that I am Consequently really disappointed I didn’t acquire satisfactory photos of the festivity (#bloggerfail), however I was effortlessly making too a great deal of cool!  And I imply hosting 70 sundry kith and kin is a motley of job sooo gimme a pass on this one and only 😉  It was a fiesta-themed taco saloon conclude with tradition koozies , a drink station , with delicious tacos plus the whole thing the fixings like our ideal local cafeteria Zandra’s Taqueria owned by our suitable friends !  This pineapple sangria was the perfect addition to our merrymaking along as well as fresh margaritas consequently I was happy to allowance the technique along furthermore you everything!

Nevertheless back to this sangria .  To zenith it the whole lot off furthermore give a contribution a slight speck of fizziness to the cocktail , I second hand La Croix lime flavored splendid wet, however you might reason common union soda or also Sprite Zero if you choose!  I freely don’t measure whilst gaining this recipe hence it was solid to grant you the entirety exact measurements , excluding the huge fad is you actually can’t drawback this conscious!  All the flavors nibbling so good collectively consequently give a contribution a small supplementary of your favored subject (or a minor less of others) and without difficulty submit to amusement attaining this sangria the whole thing your own !  Either systems I feel you’re friends will in reality intimacy it also it’s certainly the faultless method to full the summer 🙂

Anticipate you everything get pleasure from this procedure because a good deal of since we prepared with persuade let me identify if you like envisioning cocktail guidelines on the blog .  I undertake to carry my posts since healthy since conceivable, excluding each person from a acceptable cocktail now plus at that time therefore if you’d appreciate to envisage my favorites I’d be pleasant to allocation one another!

Make a remark lower than as well as say to me YOUR favorite summer cocktail !

Wow Kelly! You go through outdone yourself here ! This the entirety is thence colorful and looks fully inspirational! 🙂

Exact for the reason that this warm nights inside summer !


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This seems amazing! I can’t hang around to attempt this !


Yes gratify – more cocktails ! Your procedures are cleanly astounding, I’ve attempted numerous before now. Lately creating this since a shore bbq . Yearning transmits to supplementary 🙂

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