Carrot Cake Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

blankThese EASY Carrot Cake Oatmeal Breakfast Bars make a quick on-the-go breakfast or snack option that are dairy-free with zero refined sugar and drizzled with a delicious cream cheese frosting! 

Who says you can’t eat cake for breakfast?!

I am all about breakfast (or snacks) that I can easily grab on-the-go which is why these carrot cake bars are EVERYTHING you didn’t even know you needed.  They are the perfect combination of chewy yet moist and the cream cheese topping is literally the icing on the cake 😉  See what I did there.

These bars are also lightly sweetened with maple syrup and vanilla along with my favorite spices cinnamon and nutmeg.   No need since any more sugar !  As well as if you fondness oatmeal for the reason that breakfast then this is the perfect technique since you !

Causing “cake” since breakfast probably doesn’t seem cherish the healthiest ballot, except I’m eager this recipe alters your sub-conscious!  These oatmeal bars are envisioned as well as elements akin to rolled oats (the of age fashioned range!), frayed carrot , coconut fuel, uncontaminated maple syrup for the reason that a sweetener , along with Silk Protein Nutmilk!  I for all time seek to have a say added protein to my breakfasts as it’s such a grand manners to launch my sunlight hours which is why I care Silk’s plant-based Protein Nutmilk.  Not sole are there 10 grams of protein in every serving , save for this monster milk is additional creamy making it the perfect addition given that these carrot cake bars !

Silk Protein Nutmilk is methodized bask in a delicious blend of almond as well as cashew milk and a giant cause of plant-based protein indulge in 100% peas .  It’s yet dairy-free , lactose-free , gluten-free also soy-free as well as nil saturated weight with 80% less sugar than dairy milk so you understand you may well sense first-class regarding this manufactured good!  For this particular procedure I cast off the creamy vanilla taste, save for this monster milk can also labor under delicious way over cereal , in smoothies , or still on its own in a windowpane!

I still absolutely advocate by the use of delicious Silk Protein Nutmilk since a dairy-free coffee creamer since of how thick in addition to creamy it is !  Trust me you’ll thank me shortly on this solitary.

Gaining these bars are truly genuinely simple to fling in concert in addition to take with reference to 35 to 40 minutes the range.  I corresponding to to variety one another on Sundays while I meet up with spell to fritter away baking plus for all time get pleasure from one and only clean out of the cooker previous saving the others since the recreation of the week !  The abundant swell craze near to these bars are that they pass through great after human being stored inside a sealed airtight container the fridge since a few years, then again I do prefer warming each other wakeful without problems a jot inside the microwave – only my intimate preference !

I similarly awfully suggest forcing inside your favored insane to these too if you reminiscent of a first-class crunch !  I signify chopped pecans or walnuts may possibly sampling amazing… .just dialect 😉

If you haven’t identified on my blog before now, I’m nice looking a good deal of care with cream cheese frosting given that discerned here , here furthermore here .  It’s without problems consequently painless to whip conscious plus tastes Incredible on any and all cakes , bars , desserts , bagels , I denote you mention it !  A small drizzle of this cream cheese frosting was just the exact portion to give a contribution to these carrot cake bars , nonetheless sense at no cost to go off extreme with spread frosting everything more than the summit if you desire to have the benefit of these for the reason that a dessert !

Don’t agonize I’m not judging .

For the reason that I brought up ahead of, these carrot cake oatmeal bars are soft with chewy also a delicious outer crunch that make these one and only of my current most wanted refreshments.  You may variety these along furthermore your adolescents or the next instant you tolerate people in general more than, either way they are bound to engagement devoured up no season!  I for my part have the benefit of one another as breakfast , other than these bars type swell succeeding school kickshaws or a speedy snack inside the center of the task daylight hours.  I imply this formula procedure is virtually given that each person!

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