Blueberry Fennel Flatbread W/ Whipped Feta

blankIf you caught last week’s post about my CSA box tips, you might recognize some of those ingredients here in this recipe. What I love most about my “surprise” Farmhouse box is that it inspires me to come up with flavor combinations that I would not have thought of otherwise. Blueberries and fennel?? Yes, it works!

The saying is true – what grows together goes together. These were the foremost blueberries of the season as well as I knew I sought to variety a effortless procedure to if truth be told highlight each other.

I intimacy how painless this is to make furthermore how marvelous it appears!

Appears delicious !

I tenderness that you deposit in what you propose as vegan substitution of the whipped feta . It makes this vegan warmth you still numerous 🙂

Whipped feta sounds appreciate heaven!! Attachment blueberries and fennel ! Certainly not thought of one another in addition to feta . Energized to try:) YUM!

OMG this gives the impression completely delicious , I’m running to make this !

I completed a duple obtain, or comprehend, on the heading when I peruse blueberry with fennel ! I’m flowing in addition to it , excluding am in fact impressed with the feta “whip” or whipped feta , also ricotta , surely roused! thank you for this !

Getting all set to class this factual nowadays, I can’t kill time to try it ! 😀

Hi Monica – I’m so pleased to hearken to that you the whole thing loved it !

This is the paramount allowance on the subject of CSA boxes- spanking new flavor combos ! This solitary gives the impression yummy , I pray my CSA box has blueberries also fennel 🙂 Cheers!

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